It Keukenkoning’ Carl Philip is to cook vegan for vrouwlief the princess Sophia, brother-in-law, Daniel is also left behind in the oven because the crown princess, there are only a few of the cooks, they have to buy skigerief in the search, and to sort their waste: the Swedish royals have been surprisingly average.

Princess Madeleine, it is often criticized for its luilekkerleventje in the South, where they are more often than not, with their three children, have been spotted in the Faena-beach resort where the Kardashians are one of the family. Family life her older sister and brother, Victoria and Carl Philip on the other hand, are models of simplicity. Two summers back, settelden prince, prince Carl Philip, and his wife, Sofia, is located in Villa Solbacken at Djurgården, a small island in the center of Stockholm, sweden. This is a park, and as such, they are often the first to be seen with their sons Alexander, Gabriel and the dog for Iphone. The prince, however, it is also within the park are spotted, hand, plastic, paper and glass-sorting. Crown princess Victoria and prince Daniel will walk down to the grocery store and dive in the afternoon, when the sales start to go for bargain-priced clothes for their kids, too.

the Happiest man in the world

“I think it’s so much fun to cook, and that I may have of my father. Yes, I am in the keukenkoning,” laughs the prince, Carl Philip. He must have been two of the meals and prepare as well as he would like a piece of meat, and lust, is a princess, Sofia, is a staunch vegetarian. She and her parents-in-law, king Carl XVI Gustaf and queen Silvia, is even convinced to have once a week, meat and visloos-to-eat food. “I like to call myself a flexitariër,” said Carl Philip. “But I’ve been trying to learn how to cook with what’s in the woods, and nature has to offer”. Sofia is helping the environment as well as a hand tool with an electric Volkswagen, no one else can see, while the amateurracer Carl Philip and his Porsche, then again, can’t make it. Sports and physical activity are considered sacred by the prinsenpaar, and leaves a yogakamer arranged at the Villa Solbacken. According to visitors, is home to a miniatuurbadkamer on the size of the two peuterzoontjes – soberly decorated, with a lot of IKEA furniture in it. “We live right next to the canal, and that’s a lot of fun,” says Carl Philip, of the simple things to enjoy. Now and then, and he and Sofia noticed in the cinema or in a restaurant, Miss Per in the Swedish capital, and that’s good enough. “With Sofia, and my family will make me the happiest man in the world”, smiled the young prince.

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