Vasily Stalin: how many he shot down the Luftwaffe

History 06/01/20 Vasily Stalin: how many he shot down the Luftwaffe

As you know, children of a number of leaders of the Soviet Union took an active part in the great Patriotic war. Son of Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid, was killed in air combat in 1943. The Anastas Mikoyan of the three sons-one pilots were killed, two returned with severe injuries. Was lucky to survive and the son of Nikolay Bulganin, Leo, fought in the sky-sea of December 1941. Adopted son of Joseph Stalin, Artem Sergeev, done in front of an unusually tortuous path. Escaped from German captivity, partisans, and received many wounds, and was treated. The native offspring of the leader of the people less fortunate. A week after the arrival of the army to the post of commander of an artillery battery 34-year-old Yakov Dzhugashvili was captured. It is believed that he bravely behaved in the concentration camp, repeatedly rejected the proposals of the Germans on cooperation and heroically died.

he Fought, and the youngest, the favorite son of the Chairman of the CPC – Basil, who at the time of the attack of Nazi Germany on the USSR was 20 years old. As the children of some other of Stalin’s associates, he graduated from the Kachin military aviation school. Teachers remembered: the theory of Vasily liked, but at the helm proved a sensible pilot.

Before the war Stalin Jr. was trained to be a commander’s training courses. In the summer of 1941 the son asked his father about sending to the front. Parent hesitated, obviously not wanting for the younger fate of the older. Basil heavily burdened by regulation “rear rats”. Decisive character literally dragged him into the Inferno. Such an opportunity only in July 1942, when the level of threat the Soviet Union had passed its peak and was gradually abated.

the First appointment of Vasily Stalin – the commander of the 1st special air group of the 8th air army, Stalingrad front. His chief was major-General of aviation Timothy Khriukin that, of course, knew the degree of responsibility. The second tragedy in the family head of state, presumably, just did not survive.

as you move up the career path Colonel Stalin occupied all of the higher commanding positions. Stalin’s military merits-Junior researchers evaluated quite differently. Some believe Basil is a talented leader, very popular with the personnel. Others argue that the pilot had not the ability of the commander, reinforcing his words the incident of may 1943, when Stalin was removed from the post of regimental commander on the orders of his father for “debauchery and drunkenness”.

according To him stated: “the Hot and hot-tempered, admits restraint: there were cases of physical abuse to subordinates. Health status weak, especially the nervous system highly irritable”.

During the war, Vasily Stalin times 26 raised to the sky combat missions and personally destroyed, according to different sources, from two to five planes. As commander of the 286th fighter division 16-th air army 1 St Belorussian front, the commander’s son took Berlin. In addition to criticism, the history preserved and a positive assessment of the activities of the son of the head of the government. In premium sheet from may 11, 1945, stated:

“During the period of the Berlin offensive parts division under the direct leadership of the guards Colonel Stalin conducted 949 sorties. Conducted 15 air battles, during which shot down 17 enemy aircraft, and on the first day of operation — 11, lost only one crew.”

In October 2018, the Ministry of defense of Russia declassified and made public some of the archival documents of the financial service. Among other materials, was published handout sheet 18-th guards fighter aviation regiment in January 1943, in which the first number appeared the Colonel Stalin. For service in the month he received as the basicstion of salary and bonus for years of service 5095 rubles and 84 kopecks.

the raids on the capital of the Third Reich in August and September 1941, in accordance with Stalin’s decree On “encouraging the participants of the bombing of Berlin” issued fees in the amount of 2000 rubles. It was a very decent amount. The simple soldiers were paid much more modest. So, for wrecked or set on fire the tank gun commander and gunner were charged 500 rubles, and ordinary soldiers only 200.

For comparison, workers in munitions factories had 600-700 rubles, involved in other industries and supporting industries – 300-600. The salary of a doctor in the hospital, depending on the position, was 600-800 rubles. A school teacher brought home 340 rubles, Builder – 300. The typist in the establishment received 200-250 worker – 160. Part of the earnings had to transfer to the account of mandatory and voluntary-compulsory payments.

From August 1941 in the Soviet Union there has been a steady rise in prices, including food and basic necessities. In October in many regions of the cards have been introduced. Its maximum prices in wartime reached in may 1943 when, for example, in the rear of the Chelyabinsk region of a kilogram of pork at the market demanded 400 rubles per 1 kg of flour – 230 RUB, potatoes went for 76 rubles.

the Cost of military equipment during the war, on the contrary, decreased significantly. Bomber Il-4 for three years fell by more than half, from 800 thousand rubles in 1941, to 380 in 1944. the Price of the T-34, originally done in 269,5 thousand rubles, fell to 135 thousand in 1943.

in addition, the defense Ministry has provided data on how much spent the Soviet Union during the great Patriotic war. According to archives, in 1941, the Soviet government allocated for defensive needs 83 billion out of a total budget of 191 billion In 1945 spending increased to 128 billion rubles.

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