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History 12/02/20 Vasili Blokhin: the “bloody” Stalin the executioner

the death sentences of the KGB was carried out not so pathetic, as in the Middle ages, but the executioners still hide their names and faces. And only at the end of the twentieth century were the published facts about these “fighters of invisible front”, sent to another world thousands and thousands of people. But even among these monsters name is Vasily Blokhin stands out.

the Origin

Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin was born in the family of a poor peasant, in 1895 in the village of Gavrilovskoe of the Suzdal district of the Ivanovo region. In childhood and adolescence was a shepherd, a bricklayer, worked on the farm of his father. 5 Jun 1915 enlisted as a private in the 82nd infantry regiment in Vladimir, was promoted to senior non-commissioned officer. Fought on the German front, was wounded. In 1918 he joined the Red army, and soon became a member of the Communist party.


Since 1921, Vasili Blokhin — section commander in the special detachment under the Board of the Cheka. Since beginning his meteoric career to the KGB.

In 1926, he received the appointment to the post of commandant of the OGPU of the USSR. In 1934 Blokhin — the commandant of administrative management (AHU) of the NKVD of the USSR in 1946 — was the chief of commandant’s offices of administration of the MGB. In 1952, Blokhin was appointed Deputy head of the AHU — the commandant of the MGB. Vasili Blokhin was awarded the order of Lenin, three orders of the red banner, order of Patriotic war I degree, red banner of Labor, red Star, “badge of Honor”, as well as two badges of “Honorary security officer” and a gold watch.

Time Vasily Mikhailovich and gradually learn. In 1933 he graduated from the Moscow architectural Institute, and in 1937 – Moscow Institute of training executives.

But, of course, the main activity Blokhin neither architecture, nor with the management of the economy is not was.

Main activity

Firing squad of the OGPU in the Council of people’s Commissars of the USSR Vasili Blokhin headed in 1924. It was then under the acts produced by executions first appears his signature. The last shot he made on March 2, 1953, three days before Stalin’s death.

According to various estimates over the years Vasili Blokhin personally shot from 10 to 15 thousand people. However, he participated in the most high-profile executions. This he executed Tukhachevsky, Yezhov, Frinovsky, Koltsov, Babel, Meyerhold. He was in charge of a mass execution of Polish officers interned in Moscow.

Usually the condemned were brought to varsonof’evskiy pereulok, where they waited for Blokhin, with the firing squad. Sometimes, however, the executioner had to go to the place of execution, personally. This was the case of interned poles.


Preserved a description of how Blokhin was preparing for the execution of the sentence. He wore a leather cap, long leather apron and leather gloves, to avoid spilling blood. The precaution is very clear. After all, Blokhin could “perform” up to two hundred people a day. For excellent performance of his difficult duties he was awarded an honorary weapon – a revolver. But work prefer the German “Walter” his body didn’t feel so hot.

of Course, Vasili Blokhin was not the only executioner of the NKVD. In the official papers they were “commissioners for special assignments”. The fate of these people has developed very differently. Some have retired early due to mental illness, others simply drink too much. Many do fall in the millstone of the system “cogs” which they from time to time served. Vasili Blokhin had, according to the documents, shoot people, who recently were his teammates and colleagues.

More than that, he had to shoot and former bosses. Among those whom he “sang” was Yagoda and Yezhov.

Surprisingly, being constantly in dangerously close to people who were then accused of espionage in secret organizations, other terrible crimes against the government, Vasili Blokhin himself happily escaped repression. In 1939, Beria was preparing the material for Blokhin, the man too close to the former people’s Commissar Yagoda. However, the approval of Stalin for the arrest is not received. Apparently, a good butchers been the price.

the Collapse

After the death of Stalin, Blokhin retired from the bodies, with the rank of major-General and with the official wording “for health reasons”. First, he assigned a very nice pension in the amount of 3150 RUR. However, in 1954, when began the so-called “de-Stalinization”, Vasili Blokhin was stripped of titles and pensions and all awards.

He died in 1955. The official cause of his death — myocardial infarction. There is, however, a version that he shot from the same premium Mauser. Buried Vasili Blokhin at the Donskoy cemetery. By a strange twist of fate, his grave near the mass grave of his victims.

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