Volley After just one summer as the head coach for the Red Dragons, has Brecht Van Kerckhove decided to make it a point to them. Dominique Baeyens will take over at the national volleybalploeg for the olympic kwalificatietornooi (OCT.), in Berlin, at the beginning of January. “Baeyens has the experience and knows the group, says the federation.

From August to could, with the Red Dragons do not qualify for Tokyo’s olympic qualifying tournament in Rotterdam, the netherlands. In January, there will be a second chance in the highly competitive tournament is taking place in Berlin, germany. The Belgian men have to play in their group against Slovakia (European silver), Germany, and the Czech republic. “The olympic ambition is still there with the Dragons,” said Dominique Baeyens, that is, the Red Dragon has previously coached from 2012 to 2016. “That’s why I was temporarily engaged in the olympic project.”

By Baeyens at the helm, chose the federation as a master coach with the maturity and experience that all the internationals there. The content of the rest of the staff will be announced later, but the new coach referred to this as a ‘coaching team’ when it comes to the national team.

Van Kerckhove will stop

After two years as an assistant with the Red Dragons started The Van Kerckhove during the past summer as a head coach, but this week he decided to stop In for a evaluation, I’ve decided that’s the way I work, and my impact on the group, this is not sufficient, failed to get short-term results. The connection of young talent at the core, with the right group matches at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and in the promotion of volleyball, there were definitely positive points, for the past few months. However, we must recognize that we are, our goals have failed. The Red Dragons will have to go through to the tournament in Berlin and have a chance to qualify for the olympics. I very much hope that that will happen.”

Van Kerckhove, is convinced that his approach is in the long term, the fruit would start to show. “I’ve had as a coach and a bright, working on a range of values. But I hoped for more action. This is a long-term project. If I was the situation we were in comparison to some other countries, it is perhaps even more of an honor to be in their respective countries to play in. I don’t know if this generation can change. We come from a culture where our players are at the club are very good, and for those who are in the club in the first place. It is the story of the national team in the last few years very much has grown, but I do feel that other countries have to sacrifice for the national team, however, are even greater.”

By Baeyens choose to be the federation is a familiar face as a replacement. As a coach, between 2102 and, in 2016, he worked with the international movement of the Red Dragon, before he filled it as clubcoach in a beautiful trophy case.Baeyens holds a total of eight league titles, three cups and one European.

the Captain, Sam Deroo was the last year of the advocate at The Van Kerckhove, then an assistant with the Red Dragons, and a chance to get to the famous Andrea Anastasi on as head coach. Though Deroo, now, the switch will be understood to mean: “The relationship was good, but the goals have not been met. So it’s only logical. I can back up with Dominique, it is easy to understand, although I hope to have a more settled economic situation over the next few years.”

Deroo dream of competing in the Olympics, but he reckons this is the last chance at an olympic ticket to the OCT in January, and very heavy. “This label has been in its current format, supermoeilijk. But it’s our only chance, so we’re going to give it a try. I give us a maximum of 10% of the opportunity.”