Valery Chkalov: what favorite pilot Stalin twice sat in prison

History 04/02/20 Valery Chkalov: what favorite pilot Stalin twice sat in prison

“Stalin’s Falcon” as it was called by Valery Chkalov contemporaries during his short life, instead of just 34, has earned a reputation as an outstanding personality. His boundless energy and extreme was more than enough and heroic deeds, and undisciplined behavior, which he twice visited the prison.

the Leningrad Tribunal

Your first prison term Chkalov got in 21 when he served in the location of the 1st Leningrad red banner fighter aviation squadron. The reason was the violation of the Charter and brawl, arranged them in a state of alcoholic intoxication. His inappropriate behavior Valery Chkalov complained previously made in respect of him a disciplinary punishment. The pilot believed that the 20 days ‘ imprisonment was too severe a penalty for the attendance on duty in a drunken state.

After serving the prescribed time, Chkalov noted the release of an impressive dose of alcohol and arrived at the airport at the appointed time for the execution of scheduled training group flight. Behaving inappropriately, brawler, and a cursing for the fact that it does not allow to the wheel, he discredited the high rank of commander of the red army. The incident occurred on 7 September 1925, did not like the personnel and the command of the squadron, which initiated the litigation.

November 16, 1925, a military Tribunal sentenced Chkalov to 6 months of imprisonment. So soft verdict, according to Nikolay Yakubovich, who wrote the book “Chkalov. The rise and fall of the great pilot”, was made largely due to the characteristics given to the pilot with the squadron leader.

meanwhile, the deadline was not final: the intercession of the air force allowed him to leave prison in two months. In 1926 Chkalov vosstanoviliI’m in the ranks of the red army and continued his service, but, as shown by subsequent developments, his behavior, he change is not planned.

Bryansk prison

the Second time the multimillion-dollar idol of Soviet youth was imprisoned in 1928. A few days before the onset of marked years Chkalov was appointed commander of the 15th Bryansk aviation squadron.

28 Jul 1928 Valery made his first offence at the new place: practicing at the Gomel airport landing accuracy, he caught the tail of the fighter the edge of the ravine and caused significant damage to the aircraft. This incident, of course, could not please the command, but most likely it would close eyes on the prank of the pilot, if two weeks later, on August 14, 1928, Chkalov exercising on the plane “Fokker” flights from Gomel to Bryansk, have not made his next reckless act.

140 km from the airport of Bryansk, at the junction of Turbinka, which was near the station Surazh, a dashing pilot suddenly decided to decline to unacceptably low height of 5-10 m and to fly under the Telegraph line. Hitting the wire, winged machine crashed to the ground. Was damaged fuselage, propeller, landing gear and lower wing, and the pilot of a happy accident escaped with only minor injuries.

Such a flagrant breach of discipline and violation of the Charter of the aircraft could not remain unnoticed by the management, which decided to conduct a serious internal investigation. It was carried out a medical examination of the senior pilot in the course of which Chkalov was declared unfit for flight service. His medical card was there evidence of the existence of the pilot schizoid status, overconfidence and the urge to abuse alcohol. After two months, the certification Commission decided to lower Chkalov to the position of private pilot making a last warning about incomplete official compliance. However, the command of the squadron, bearing in mind all past antibodyax Valery Nikolaevich, found this solution too soft and gave the materials about the incident in a military Tribunal.

Removing the Chkalov flight, the competent authorities started investigation of the case. In the proceedings of “Stalin’s Falcon” has stated to investigators that dashing to commit the act he was shot down the desire to teach the younger generation of pilots browsea flight. As a result cheeky air hooliganism as performing 15 aerobatics, was sentenced to one year of imprisonment with dismissal from the ranks of the red army.

For the incarceration Chkalov was placed into Bryansk prison. But in the cell No. 12, in the company of three of the prisoners, the pet elite, the government spent only 16 days. Early release of the legendary pilot was facilitated by the petition of the Deputy chief of the air force Yakov Alksnis and people’s Commissar Kliment Voroshilov, sent to the member of the Politburo of the CPSU (b) of Mikhail Kalinin. The punishment was commuted to a suspended term, and Chkalov was again at liberty, but without the ability to serve in the armed forces of the USSR. According to the testimony of the inmates, half a month spent behind bars, the pilot had studied a dozen books and made daily entries in his diary. By the way, the current leadership of the Bryansk prison plans to turn the camera No. 12 in the Chkalov Museum, the exhibits of which are collected from different parts of the country.

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