Valentine Pugo: the mystery of the death of his wife last interior Minister of the USSR

Biography 06/02/20 Valentine Pugo: the mystery of the death of his wife last interior Minister of the USSR

Boris Pugo forever remain in the history not only as a member of the emergency Committee, but as the last Minister of internal Affairs of the Soviet Union. 22 Aug 1991 Pugo committed suicide. It is considered that his wife did the same thing. However, in reality, Valentine was killed by the husband. On this fact Boris Pugo, even brought a criminal case that was terminated in connection with his death.

with a student’s bench

As you know, Boris Karlovich Pugo was ethnic Latvian. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that at the time he graduated from the Polytechnic University in Riga. His future wife, Valentina Golubeva, being a native of Leningrad, a large part of his life spent in the Latvian capital, and in the same way as Pugo, was educated at the Riga Polytechnic Institute. Leonid Mlechin writes in his book “Famous suicide” that’s where they met. In 1961 Golubeva and Pugo has registered their relationship. After a few months Valentina gave birth to a son Vadim.

In 1964, Boris Pugo was transferred to work in Moscow on the party line. With him in the capital and moved his family. Valentina got a job in the energy Institute, and then finished graduate school, successfully defended his thesis and received the title of candidate of technical Sciences. A couple a few years back in Latvia, but in 1988 he finally settled in Moscow. Valentina began to teach at the University, and Boris Karlovich was appointed to the post of Minister of internal Affairs of the USSR, which proved to be his last.

a Failed arrest

In August 1991 Boris Pugo became part of the putsch. But the coup failed, and the Minister brought a criminal case. On the morning of the 22nd to Pugo granted the representatives of the higher ranks of the interior Ministry, the KGB and Prosecutor’s office. With them on the doorstep of Boris Pugo came and Grigory Yavlinsky. As Sergey writes some Bad in his book “the Last Empire. The fall of the Soviet Union,” the door was opened to them 90-year-old father of Valentina Golubeva.

only Here to arrest nobody. On the bed in the bedroom was the lifeless body of Boris Pugo, and nearby on the floor sat his wife. Valentina was still alive, but was seriously wounded. It is clear that anything intelligible, she already could not tell. The Minister’s wife was taken to the hospital, where she later the day he died. And Boris, and Valentina left a suicide note. Pugo wrote about what he lived honestly, and Valentine asked them not to judge and take care of grandfather.

And yet the murder

According to the official version, Valentine and Boris Pugo died prior arrangement. In connection with this circumstance, according to Michael Tomsic, author of “the sword and Shield of the Soviet Union”, in the same 1991 the Minister was a criminal case: he was accused of the death of his wife. It is clear that because of the death of the accused, the case is immediately closed. And the dead will forever remain in history as a suicide and a murderer at the same time. That’s just not all believe that story.

In particular, Gennady Yanayev, is also a former member of the emergency Committee, in the book “the putsch against Gorbachev. The last battle for the USSR” had no doubt that Pugo could deal with his beloved wife, whom he, according to the memories of loved ones, lived in perfect harmony for almost 30 years, and to voluntarily withdraw from life. Yanaev claimed to have called Boris Karlovich the night before. The Minister was cheerful and even joked about the impending arrest. “Valyukha is going,” said Pugo.

However, the son of Boris and Valentina Pugo, Vadim, was absolutely sure that they decided to die together. According to Vadim Kozyulin, his mother actually asked the father to kill her first. Says Roy Medvedev on the pages of his book “the Soviet Union: the last years of his life,” Valentina never wanted to live without her husband.

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