Valentina Malyavina: as the actress was serving his sentence in places of deprivation of liberty

Biography of Valentina Malyavina 10/02/20: as an actress has served her time in prison

the share of the honored artist of Russia Valentina Malyavina took many tests. The most difficult was the conclusion to which Malyavina was sentenced for the murder of his beloved. In those 5 years that Valentina held in captivity, there was everyone: the joys and sorrows, fights, and romances.

Before the verdict,

Actor Stanislav Zhdanko died in 1978. Then Valentina Malyavina for the first time was under investigation. However, Malvinas guilt in the tragedy failed to prove. 5 years later the case was reopened and this time the court found that the evidence against Valentina Alexandrovna enough. As expressed by Yuriy Sushko in his book “I Went to my love, the whole weak female…”, the sentence is 9 years imprisonment sounded like an ax head. Indeed, the actress could not believe what happened to her. The more that she pleaded not guilty in the crime.

As she wrote Valentina Malyavina in his memoir, “Hear me, o pure in heart”, sitting in the Butyrka prison, she drove away the thoughts about his future. The actress, like the other “inmates” Butyrka, tried to keep close to their way of life: manicures, rubbing your nails with toothpaste, and put the mask face of oatmeal. Despite the fact that without quarrels and clashes with the inmates there were, Malyavina quite easily found a common language with most of them. And the guards in the mass belonged to Malvinas with compassion: let the artist to his warm up, when it was in the cold box waiting for the next meeting were treated to tea.

the Novels behind the barbed wire

However, not everything was so rosy. Moreover, Malvinas Valentina had to go through many more stages of their prison way: after Butyrka — Red PresAES, then the Mozhaisk area, Voronezh prison, and then — settlement in the Rostov region. It is clear that due to the fact that by this time Valentina has already become a star of the national cinema, it enjoyed a certain popularity among prisoners. Once again, if you believe Marina Raikin, author of the book “Moscow backstage”, the cobbles (so called in jail, the woman who thinks like a man) decided to make Malyavin his girlfriend, but she swung and hit her in the face.

However, such incidents occurred infrequently: Valentina Malyavina was able to stand up for themselves, and everyone knew it. Anyway Malyavina was “not part of” the actress continued to twist novels, even while behind bars. At least Fedor Razzakov, author of “the Passion,” says Valentina, being in prison, fell in love with a big thief. The feelings of prisoners was so strong that it touched even the guards. When a man has served his time, Malyavin allowed to say goodbye to him.

the Artist in prison and on the outside

apparently, this prison affair I had no continuation. Especially because beloved is gone outside the gate, and Valentina Malyavina left. However, the actress was something to do without love. For a while, at least, being in the Mozhaisk colony, she worked in a factory, and then was transferred to the library. For this “elite” for the prison standards the post Valentina was very grateful to his superiors. The duties of Malawinet include cleaning of the premises and distribution of books. Subsequently the actress, at the request of the management spoke to prisoners with lectures on the literature and performed on stage with different artistic rooms.

Perhaps that is why after his release under an Amnesty in 1988 Valentina Malyavina were able to quickly return to the theater and the screen. In the same year, she starred in the title role in the film Olga Nagruzkoi “the Husband and the daughter Tamara Aleksandrovny”, and in 1993 was awarded the title of honored Artistki Russia. However, trouble seemed to follow Malvinas heels. According to Dmitry Gordon in his book, “Tête-à-tête: conversations with the great and famous,” Valentina continued to abuse alcohol, lost his sight and ended up in a special boarding house where he still lives today.

Yulia Popova

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