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Another 31/01/20 RIA Novosti/ Alexander Newinventory Leontiev: was there a leading “good night, kids!” an agent of the CIA

Valentina Leontyeva, or, as it was called in the people, “aunt Valya”, left a noticeable trace in the history of Soviet television. She was “good night, kids!”, “Blue light” and many other programs. However, at the end of the 1980s audiences were treated to leading with distrust. Swept the country a rumor that speaker Leontiev supposedly works on American and British intelligence.

“Tell me, what Leontiev’s really a CIA agent?”

a wave of hysteria associated with her name, Valentina Leontyeva told on the pages of the book “Declaration of love: notes of a speaker of the Central television”, released in 1989. The first presenter was faced with an unexpected question in one of the provincial towns, where he arrived to record the broadcast. She got a call from the city party Committee and asked to explain if she is a “British intelligence agent”.

Subsequently, Leontiev struck literally a flurry of similar content calls. She couldn’t call because any conversation definitely ended with the question “about the CIA” Is so exhausted TV presenter that every appearance before the cameras were given to it with great difficulty.

Readers wrote to the Newspapers and asked to verify the accuracy of hearing. Such questions come to the “Work”, “Literary newspaper” and “Soviet culture.” The development of a controversial plot was the version that Leontief arrested.

“Rolled that terrible gossip as ball lightning, across the entire nation, was rolling, gathering no less monstrous details… Had two options: at the time of his arrest, I jumped from the ninth floor (I live on the fourth) and that I shot when I “took”, – told “aunt Valya”.

a Few months during a break in a television career Leontyeva, it regulatoryRNO faced with the rapid reaction of people who saw her alive and free. But to prove to the wider audience that it’s all right, not having access to air, she could not. Other presenters, which received a puzzled phone calls live, silent on Leontyeva. The rumors came to naught only after Valentine Leontiev showed again on the screen.

the rumors

Only many years later, the Soviet TV star revealed the background of the emergence of hype around his name. Husband Leontyeva Yuri Vinogradov was a member of the Soviet diplomatic mission in new York, and some time leading in the 1960s, the years lived with him in the United States.

Then she went back to Moscow, but continued to see my husband even after her divorce, followed in 1970-ies. Another popular favorite trip abroad was provoked by a newspaper publication that, Leontiev, perhaps “recruited”. The fact that journalists filed as a hint, in the minds of readers is a fact.

“I had another vacation, and I decided to visit her husband, who at the time worked in the United States. Just closed the transfer of “all souls”: one boss decided that this program has outlived its usefulness. And apparently, since no explanation was not followed, people came up with that “sincerely” was closed due to my ties with American intelligence”, explained the Leontief 4 years before the death of the correspondent of “Arguments and facts”.

the Transfer of “sincerely”, which became the prototype of the later talk-show, enjoyed great popularity. She went from 1972 to 1987. Despite the aspirations of viewers and requests to resume playback, the program did not return in the etheric grid.

the Rumor about “Valentina Leontyeva – the CIA agent” can be seen as an example of urban myth of the Soviet period – a short and seemingly plausible stories, partly based on real facts. It reflects the fear of the secret services, spread tentacles everywhere and controls Soviet society through their agents of influence. As far as the authorities are deliberately underwas greval such sentiments are unknown, but the case of the evening shows that they may have been used to maintain the image of the enemy. However, some colleagues of the presenter believed that the hearing was exaggerated in the first place itself Leontiev to support their falling at that time popular.

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