In Leuven, The call-up of the best deals around alcohol, not to promote it, may not have a lot of support from the local hospitality industry. Especially in student clubs is in the call to deaf ears. The studentenpromo’s don’t lie. The free barrels, and now at 4.5 euro for half a liter of vodka and Red Bull. The university vice-chancellor, Luc Sels is in favor of a closing time for pubs. The mayor, Mohamed Ridouani sp.(a) notice for a time, only as a last resort, as hotels and restaurants do not comply with the rules and regulations.

all The students of medicine, of Medicine as well as set the tone immediately. “Us Done, and perform It’, it describes perfectly our feelings after the past few months, I have the alcohol tolerance is down to an all-time low’, ‘porno’ sounds, again, a vulgar, and by that, Cara, you’ve forgotten about how good Stella is also a delicious product. That is why, you are all welcome to deliver a moment to remember, and the year with a bang of a start!”, sounds like it’s for the doctors-to-be. They will promise you two of the now gin and Jägermeister on tap for 1 euro.

you can also Read the Mayor Ridouani are not in favour of a general closing hour for pubs Foaming studentennat

all The students of the Father, However, throwing in addition to their very own meat, a lot of alcohol during the fight in danscafé’s Rumba. “The goddess of the Hunt and keep you on the right path, with a Bloody Mary, bloody scenes of gallons of beer, and other cocktails. Our TD, the food à volonté”, to close them out. Between the 23rd and the 24th hour, you get a three pint one free of charge. For each and every shot, from 24 to 1 hour, you get a free shot on top of it.In the evaluation, training Recup pour for about 1.5 euro for a shot of Tequila back.

The openluchtcantus of the ANNUAL Thursday and Friday are sold out. “Once again, to get to 600 students, you have the opportunity to make the foamy studentennat liberally and let it flow, and you can vote for a week to make it go away, in the garden of the residence, Copal!”, she said. They began at 17 o’clock. In the House of the Law (HDR) made them, at midnight, along with the criminal to free the barrel. A Hoegaarden Rosé as you could for 1 euro.

“in Addition to him, we have an offer on! So, you will pay between 22 and 23 hours, but for 9 euro a meter! That’s a lot of beer for very little money. Point made, bye!”, it was a message.However, the party was stopped, of course, is not on a Thursday. In the same House with the Rights to begin Tuesday afternoon at 12 o’clock with a ‘Dutch-the afternoon’. A half-litre of beer will have it for 12 to 20 hours, up to 2 euros.

We also have to think about it for a tougher regulatory framework for the sale of alcohol. But that is a task for the government.

alderman Thomas Van Oppens (Green),


the University town of Leuven is in addition to the above, promostunts also have to deal with the concept of ‘drinking’. In short, the students pick up a cargo of liquor at the night shop, a casting that is happy with their thirsty throat, and then continue the party in the city’s cafés. ‘Imbibe’ on the side, take in the meantime to a still higher flight in the world.

The alcoholproblematiek is also high on the agenda, both in the city of Louvain and at the college and the university. The city’s administration, the catholic university of Leuven and the university UCLL launched in August a call for alcoholic drinks to promote in the students, but it turns out, therefore, is a measure of nothing.Alderman Thomas Van Oppens (Green) is not happy with many of the discounts are.

“We are doing this call out of concern for the health and well-being of all the students in the world. And, yes, we can continue to count on the support of the supermarkets, fakbars, bars, and shops, to the consumption of alcohol and the harms it can cause to a minimum. If prevention is not enough? We have, indeed, come to think about it in a more rigorous legal framework for the sale of alcohol and strong drink in particular. But that’s a job for the government, because the city has no jurisdiction.”
closing Time for the bars

President, Luc Sels shows, moreover, be pointed out that it is no longer that of the cafes on the Old Market square is still open, while some of the students from the HDC to the start of school. According to the Orders was for a time available as an option. “We’ll have to agree that we have the police to intervene,” said Sels, in an interview with the East Village ROBtv. The rector’s hand, from the offering of a discount for alcoholic beverages by bars.

Also, as a result of a series of violent incidents that occurred during the uitgaansnachten in and around the Old Market square, in August and september, were playing here and there, it is the case for a time. There will be more clarity in the presentation of the autumn from the new zoneveiligheidsplan to the town of Leuven.

a Mayor Mohamed Ridouani sp.(a) it is not a general closing hour for pubs in the world.Ridouani to see a time, only as a last resort, as hotels and restaurants do not comply with the rules and regulations. “In the public domain, it would have to be from people who are in the morning at about 7 am, still drinking in the pubs”, what it sounds like.