NASA will soon chalk up another one-year space assignment Because of a out-of-this-world Russian movie-making bargain

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA will soon chalk up another one-piece space assignment as a result of a out-of-this-world Russian movie-making thing.

The former channel resident suspected that could happen and was training only in case.

At a news conference Monday from cosmonaut headquarters at Star City, Vande Hei stated he might need to give up his reunite Soyuz chair at the autumn to some Russian space tourist who is considering filming there. If this occurs, he and one of the two Russian crewmates would need to await another Soyuz trip home — probably in spring 2022.

“Frankly, for me personally, it is only an chance for a brand new life adventure,” he told reporters. “I have been in space more than six months, so if someone tells me I have to remain in area for a year, then I will figure out what that feels like.

Tentatively titled”Vyzov,” struggle in English, it is supposed to emphasize Russian space tasks and glorify the cosmonaut profession, according to a press release.

Five decades have passed since today retired astronaut Scott Kelly finished a 340-day space station assignment, a U.S. record. Astronaut Christina Koch came near a year ago.

Space channel missions normally last half an hour.

Vande Hei was inserted into another Soyuz crew — bumping a Russian — to be able to maintain a U.S. existence on the space station if SpaceX’s following astronaut flight encounters a significant delay. SpaceX is targeting no sooner than April 22. Until the personal company started providing rides this past year, Russia supplied the sole elevator for space station crews after NASA’s shuttles stopped flying.

Operations on the U.S. facet of the orbiting laboratory could be hampered if no Americans — just Russians — were on board, based on Vande Hei. The astronauts there today are expected to depart in April and May.

The fantastic thing is that NASA was able to launch up his clothes there. The retired Army colonel could have been stuck sporting much larger outfits intended for somebody else.

Vande Hei hopes to receive his next COVID-19 vaccine this past week. He stays vigilant about wearing maskswhen he and his Russian crewmates are coaching in spacesuits.

“It is not too comfy, but it is the correct thing to do,” he explained.