When the first two simulations were recently seen in the Tagesspiegel that the Siemensbahn S-Bahn line should be blue, the astonishment was great. As? Were the S-Bahn bridges really blue? Yes, apparently just like the 800 meter long viaduct that meanders through Berlin-Siemensstadt. And the train stations had other colors, the historian Christian Fessel (“Man with a hat”) promptly reported in the Tagesspiegel. Here I introduce the man. And here are the first three simulations of the bridges and S-Bahn stations in the Tagesspiegel.

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Deutsche Bahn needs your help now. Don’t worry, not on the construction site (the S-Bahn is scheduled to run again in 2029, construction will start between Charlottenburg and Spandau from 2027), but with detailed questions: The train has no photos of the colorful buildings. “Only in a few graffiti-free spots can one guess what the colors really were and that the steel viaduct once shone in a radiant blue,” write the planners.

“All of the historical photos of the Siemensbahn that we know of from the early days are available in black and white,” writes the Bahn headed by Berlin’s Bahnchef Alexander Kaczmarek and also hopes for the help of the readers of the Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel, which may be a photo rarity have in the attic.

The Siemensbahn and its historic viaduct went into operation in 1929 – “about 10 years before color photos could be used across the board.”

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“The fact that we haven’t been able to find any color photos does not mean that there are no color photos. Therefore we need your support. Help us to get as accurate a picture as possible of what the viaduct and the train stations looked like between 1929 and 1972.” As a small thank you, a guided walk along the Siemensbahn in autumn beckons. Mail contact: siemensbahn@deutschebahn.com (and please cc the Spandau newsletter with spandau@tagesspiegel.de).

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– More than 100,000 people wanted to read the text about the bathing chaos at Lake Glienicke: reactions, letters to the editor, photos, town hall ideas for the bus shuttle – and frustration in Alt-Gatow

– “The city hall congratulated my dead mother”: Newsletter reader outraged – the city council explains how the error came about

– News about the 300 million construction site: In the newsletter, the investor talks about the postal wasteland between Arcaden and Havel and the chestnut trees on the Havel cycle path

– “Zank am Gartenzaun”: Interview with an arbitrator in the newsletter about typical disputes

– AfD city council also fails for the 9th time

– Jewish theater ship “MS Goldberg” leaves Spandau and moves to…

– News from the water companies on water prices and waterworks in Spandau

– Construction site at the citadel: It starts on the earth wall

– Laying of a stumbling block for a department store family in Spandau

– Siemensbahn: Color photos are urgently needed

– Lots of neighborhood sports, lots of cultural tips

– And as the last message a happy ending from the town hall

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