With the publication of photos and a phantom image, the Berlin police are currently looking for a suspected violent criminal. The wanted person is said to have committed dangerous bodily harm in Berlin-Johannisthal in May, as the police have now announced.

According to the information, the stranger got into an argument with a 27-year-old on May 10, 2022 at around 0.40 a.m. in the Sterndamm/Südostallee/Groß-Berliner-Damm area.

After an initially verbal argument, the suspect stabbed the 27-year-old several times with a knife. The 27-year-old was seriously injured and had to undergo emergency surgery.

The suspect had previously had his companion give him the knife.

The attacker is described as about 1.80 to 1.85 meters tall and athletic. He was between 20 and 25 years old, had a three-day beard and black curly hair and a nose piercing. He was wearing a green jacket with a fur collar, dark trousers and white shoes.

The suspect’s companion is described as about 20 to 22 years old, between 1.60 and 1.65 meters tall and corpulent. She has neck-length, black, straight hair and spoke German. The woman was wearing black trousers and a light-colored jacket and was carrying a white handbag.