Thanks to Unesco, the UN agency for cultural affairs, the Belgian ambassador, was invited to explain the carnavalslintjes with cartoons of a jew with his claw with the caption: “Unesco, which is a farce”. That is, it is in the Unesco’s heard of it.

from A carnavalswagen in the parade, and this year was a lot of discussion. In the car, on the group’s Vismooil’s were to a number of caricature figures, of which the jews with his claw, and pijpekrullen had to be imagining it. Jewish organizations, filed a formal complaint. Visiting the Carnival on the world heritage list of the Unesco world heritage list. The UN agency is investigating or Visiting the Carnival is still on the list at home. A decision in this matter is december.

The ribbons, which now appeared to cross, according to its creator, the dragon, with a Unesco world heritage site. The ribbons are such slogans as, “weir laughed, mé iederiejn” (we laugh at all of them). A different tag set to the tag line, “zé, emmen, me, us, oeik, and laughed” (that is, they have to be with us, even laugh) at the top and a picture of a muslim.

Christoph D’haese (N-VA), the timing of the show, is unhappy. The from aalst mayor, he threw himself into the discussion as a consistent defender of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, satire, and social satire. All he did in the context of the Aalst Carnival in the heart of his argument. “You can stay there as well, but not a month in advance. This is not so good, and it doesn’t add any value to, what it sounds like.

you can also Read, “Actually, it says the Unia: “The Jews should not be so, and saw’”

D He was not happy with the carnavalslintjes, but it is an isolated case. “It is not the price of the finesse will win,” admits D, ” He admitted. However, the mayor has no evil intentions. The question of who, Unesco and the new controversy in the country, was not to He held responsible. But who doubts that the incident will play a role in the process which is running on the recognition of a Visiting Carnival.

nightlife is just behind The Vismooil about never wanting to go in to interview requests. Today, a response to the first and the last. “The frequent reproaches, threats, and lies, to oblige us for one-off and to do, or so they say.

as Assistant director-general Ernesto Ottone Ramirez had previously noted that, in the spirit of satire, by Visiting the Carnival, and the freedom of speech and expression does not serve as an excuse to “such manifestations of hate.” Gelijkekansencentrum Unia argued yesterday, Visiting the Carnival though, because it is not aware of the incitement to hatred against the jews.