Undeclared war USSR, where most were killed Soviet soldiers

History 05/02/20 Undeclared war USSR, where most were killed Soviet soldiers

Officially, after 1945, the USSR in the war did not participate. But this did not prevent the Soviet soldiers to be in the thick of almost all major military conflicts of the second half of the last century – from Indochina to Africa. And in all these cases, regardless of the result, invariable there was one: going home in zinc coffins and scanty breech telegrams for relatives with impersonal content “was killed when performing combat tasks”. Below are the three most bloody for the USSR, conflicts that were never officially declared wars.

the Invasion of Hungary

In Hungary, the events of autumn 1956 called the Hungarian revolution and the Soviet Union — the counter-revolutionary rebellion. Essentially it does not change, and justification can be found for that, and for the other side. Fought on the side of Nazi Germany, Hungary drank a lot of blood from the Soviet Union, but after the defeat of reparations almost suffered, though was occupied. Loyalty to established in the Hungarian Communist regime and the “big brother” in the Soviet Union was considered a well-deserved gratitude for their kindness.

the Desire to live freely and in prosperity in Hungary prevailed soon enough. Two hundred thousandth the rally in Budapest turned into a real rebellion, and to suppress it was only tanks and army units. An end to the rebellion put planned and carried out by Georgy Zhukov, the operation “Whirlwind”, which he tells in his “Memoirs and reflexions”. Data on Soviet losses from different sources are very different, so they can be considered quite accurate: about 700 people killed and about 1500 wounded, and 50 missing.

the Civil war in China

In fact, it was not one war but a series of conflicts, spanning more than two decades. Touch on only the second stage – since 1946 – in which the USSR adopted the AKactive. As one of the prominent Chinese military, Peng Dehuai, in the “Memoirs of Marshal” despite official pledges of support of the Chinese Communists only by volunteers, the Soviet Union helped and weapons and equipment, but the most effective “weapons” were numerous military advisers and Soviet officers.

Having extensive combat experience in tactical and strategic planning, they are largely predetermined and ultimate success. Soviet officers has always distinguished himself by bravery and was not afraid to go into the thick of the battle. Therefore, the loss of them was rather big – at a conservative estimate at least 1,000 people. And, if you believe the claims that the regular army units in the conflict did not participate.

War in Afghanistan

the Most terrible and protracted conflict, in which participated the USSR – a civil war in Afghanistan. Still there are disputes about how did the Soviet government to intervene in the conflict, but in the minds of the inhabitants lodged an acute lack of understanding of “what we did”. For example, the commander of the 40th army, fought in Afghanistan, Boris Gromov in his book “Limited contingent” claims that another way of the Soviet Union was not simple. The invasion was the right thing to do, especially since the tasks were performed.

A loss for 10 years of hostilities was slightly more than 15 000 people, which is incomparable with American losses during the Vietnam war. Despite the fact that the goals of the United States then to achieve and failed. However, this is, as they say, is another story.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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