What actually happens to the former C

Social media communication about the project has also been silent for a year, and a request from the Tagesspiegel remained unanswered by the time this newsletter went to press. So it’s pretty unclear if anything will come of the project at all.

But one thing is clear: the house has an advertising problem. And it happened like this: As the responsible Neukölln city councilor Jochen Biedermann (Greens) explained at the district assembly (BVV) at the beginning of May at the request of the left, the huge advertising banner in front of the house was first applied for on June 8, 2021 and approved by the end of July 2021 . Since the district office noted “objections under reorganization law”, all further follow-up applications were rejected.

The city development office rejected all corresponding objections. After the office found that advertising had been placed in front of the facade again, it asked the applicant (who exactly that was, remained unclear) to remove the advertising – but he apparently refused.

According to Biedermann, various letters, objections and applications have been going back and forth since then. The case has been before the administrative court since March. That must now decide whether the advertising banner is to be taken down immediately – if in doubt, the office will take action itself – or whether it is allowed to remain. To be continued.