Ukrainians are outraged by the participation of their gymnasts in the Grand Prix of Moscow

the Visit of Ukrainian gymnasts in Russia to participate in the Grand Prix of Moscow has caused a mixed reaction in the neighboring country. Ukrainians were outraged by the act of the athletes and their coaching staff, who decided to take part in the competition.

Initially, the reaction to the trip to Russia came from the Ukrainian commentators, criticized the coach of the gymnast Irina Deriugina, RIA Novosti reports. However, soon joined by ordinary Internet users.

Additional stimulus for them was Irina posted a photo to your personal Instagram. In the picture she is depicted on the background of evening Kremlin. And for this post showered with angry comments of Ukrainians.

to See this publish to Instagram

Publish from Irina Deriugina (@irina.deriugina) 26 Jan 2020 12:48 PST

“it’s a Shame for these athletes,” says one of them.

“Bottom. It would be nice if you hadn’t returned,” echoed another user.

“You’re a disgrace to our country!”, — added the third.

However, there were those who saw no crime in the trip of the Ukrainian delegation to Russia.

“Wherever you look – everywhere Maidan brain,” he stood up for the coach of one of the subscribers.

“as much as she has done for the country, you never dreamed of!” — posted by another user.

NotedTim, what in Moscow Eva Meleshchuk and Christine Edge – how the best athletes from Ukraine, was adopted warm enough. Russian spectators supported the gymnasts from a neighboring state, and applauded when each successful element.