TOPSHOT - Ukrainian servicemen fire with a French self-propelled 155 mm/52-calibre gun Caesar towards Russian positions at a front line in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas on June 15, 2022. - Ukraine pleaded with Western governments on June 15, 2022 to decide quickly on sending heavy weapons to shore up its faltering defences, as Russia said it would evacuate civilians from a frontline chemical plant. (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS / AFP)

According to the Ukrainian military, they repulsed Russian attacks west of Lysychansk and thus prevented the strategically important city in eastern Ukraine from being surrounded.

“Near Verkhnyokamyanka, the defense forces inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy and forced them to retreat,” the Ukrainian General Staff said in its situation report on Monday.

Verkhnyokamyanka is only a few kilometers west of Lysychansk on the last important supply road for the city. This information cannot be verified independently.

Lysychansk itself was again the target of heavy air and artillery attacks, according to Ukrainian sources. Russian units are already on the outskirts of the city in the south. Several suburbs have also come under fire. Several thousand Ukrainian soldiers are said to be stationed in the city.

There is also fighting a little further west in the Bachmut area. The city is an important transport hub. According to Ukrainian information, attacks by Russian units on a suburb were also repulsed here. Despite fierce artillery combat, there was little movement during the Russian advance on the Slovjansk-Kramatorsk conurbation.

The general staff also reports Russian artillery attacks from the south of the country, in the Cherson region. At the same time, the Luftwaffe had flown “successful strikes” against accumulations of enemy troops there. (dpa)