Today’s episode of Udaariyaan features Tejo telling Fathe and his family that a new investor is available to invest in the academy. Jasmine questions Fathe about why he keeps talking about Tejo. Fathe says that Tejo is hard at work for the academy, and has no expectations. Tejo meets Angad at the meeting. He is shocked to see him dance at the event, and lashes out at Fathe. Tejo learns that Angad is the investor later. Tejo makes a deal to have Angad invest in the academy.

Gurpreet asks Fathe for food, but he tells Jasmine that Jasmine won’t feel good because she is fasting for him. Tejo and Simran return to the house, and Fathe’s sister shows Fathe the video of Jasmine eating street food during fast. Fathe convinces Simran that Jasmine’s behavior is childish, and asks Fathe to not show the video to his sister. Jasmine is trying to win their hearts.

Jasmine returns home, and Fathe asks Jasmine whether they can break the fast to go out for dinner. Jasmine behaves as if Jasmine didn’t break her fast, and Fathe is asked to be patient. Fathe is stunned by Jasmine’s lies and wonders why Jasmine lies to him. Fathe is furious at Jasmine’s lies and won’t stop praising her for pretending to love Fathe. Tejo tempts Fathe by offering food recipes and Fathe’s favorite foods.