Wildlife agents are needed to take down unbranded and feral livestock

ALBUQUERQUE (NM) — A U.S. Forest Service plan is being supported by an environmental group to reduce the number of feral cattle on national forest land close to the New Mexico-Arizona border.

Monday’s statement by the Center for Biological Diversity stated that the federal agency was being “commended” for trying to eradicate unowned feral cows from sensitive habitats along streams in the Gila Wilderness.

Ranchers have reacted furiously to the plan which calls for wildlife agents from helicopters to kill unbranded livestock.

Although environmentalists have been vocal about concerns over cow carcasses being left on the land, the Center states that unowned feral cattle are dangerous and destructive.

The group stated that “Getting them out the forest hurts nobody and helps everyone,”

The New Mexico Cattle Growers Association is concerned about how wildlife agents will be able to differentiate branded livestock from unbranded. Ranchers claim that the plan is a violation federal law, and will not solve the problem.