Two-storey country house from a bar will build for 7 days — it is no more expensive family holidays abroad

This year showed that the country house can be very useful in conditions of isolation. Many of the city’s residents moving to live in the country, because this has great advantages: you can exercise, walk with family and Pets, when it is observing all the norms of isolation. In addition a holiday abroad this summer sure is off. Someone decides to rent a summer house, but what’s the point if you can build in the future will be more profitable, and it can be done “by itself”. Construction company “Air house” is building country houses and baths from a bar with any layout in just a week, but now built one of the houses 6×6 on super special for just 329 000 RUR.

Just imagine: no problems with the calculation of materials, selection of contractors who will certainly do something wrong and will change, and preparing the ground. For you the entire construction work as soon as possible will make a professional woodworkers. You will only have to choose how to be located the doors and Windows in your future house or bath — and you can start building. Also, the company “Air house” has its own YouTube channel, where you can find video reviews of houses and baths from a bar, and choose any option.