According to the Berlin fire department, two people died in swimming accidents in Berlin on Saturday. As the fire brigade tweeted in the evening, the emergency services were called to the Weißen See in Pankow around 6:30 p.m. A 17-year-old went down there while swimming.

Alarmed divers found the boy shortly thereafter, but attempts to revive him immediately were unsuccessful.

Another person died at the airport lake in Reinickendorf. There, the DLRG water rescue team was alerted by the fire brigade after a 59-year-old had not returned from swimming. The divers found the man lifeless on the bottom of the lake. Immediately initiated rescue measures were not successful here either. He had probably been floating in the water for several hours and had gone under – apparently unnoticed by other bathers.

Nothing was initially known about the exact circumstances of the two deaths on Saturday evening.