Hoogstraten (b) of The local law enforcement noorderkempen (antwerp) has launched an investigation following two reports of a minor. It would be in the vicinity of the avenue of lime trees, and the Gelmelstraat are addressed and followed by one or two men in a white van. In the latest report dated on Monday night. “We’re going to an extra monitor, but we don’t have many leads,” according to the police.

all The messages are from the last couple of weeks. About ten days ago, show the three boys, after the hockeytraining to go home. They were being chased by a white van. Suddenly got one guy out, and he ran after the boys. The three responded to the alert, and went hard to the road. They were just what the white truck is again stopped in order to let them get into the car and then drove off.

Monday night there was a new message. Once again, it was a boy, being harassed by a man in a white van, but the teen did have a path, and then the van drove off.


The police have confirmed that it is in the last few weeks, two other similar reports received from the region of the Gelmelstraat and the avenue of lime trees. The facts were always held in the early evening. “We have started an investigation,” says the Alder Went on, the pz noorderkempen (antwerp).

“We have, unfortunately, no observations can be done. We have, for very little points of reference, such as a license plate number or something like that. The isnatuurlijk not meant to be for each of the white van as able to handle it. We are asking each young person to sign if he/she / it is being followed by a white van, and/or be contacted by a member of the board. We encourage young people to have a secure and safe situation, and to make a call to a private residence, directly to the home, hire a bicycle or an adult on the street to speak to them. After that, it is best to call the police using the emergency number on 101. If the young person or a witness, and the license plate number can be written, that is, of course, be very useful to us.”


be The police of noorderkempen (antwerp) in full gear, in a letter to the students and their parents. “We are calling for vigilance, without a mob wanting to produce,” says Went. “We nemenondertussen take the necessary measures, including extra patrols before and after school. We are asking the schools to the young people and their parents to create awareness.”

the mayor, Marc Van Aperen (Hoogstraten, Living out of Monday’s report. “It’s important to be aware of. We will notify the schools as soon as possible to notify you.”