Two more deaths of patients with COVID-19 date of exam: chronicle for may 19

on Tuesday, may 19, oberstab Novosibirsk region reported 76 more cases of coronavirus. For all the time of the pandemic in the region revealed 1728 people with a confirmed diagnosis, of which 692 patients have been cured, and 22 died.

Tell you what else happened in the country and in the city over the past day:

political Experts have shared with NSAs their predictions about whether to extend the self-isolation in Novosibirsk until the end of summer.May 8, died in hospital Alexey Evseev — doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of the Institute of Thermophysics named after S. Kutateladze, SB RAS. Man almost a month recovering from COVID-19. In recent reports oberstab no men of this age. His relatives said, why do you think that a scientist picked up the infection at the hospital.In Novosibirsk from the coronavirus died 2 people — 62-year-old woman and 63-year-old man. In recent days in Russia revealed 9263 infected with a coronavirus.
Minister of education of the Novosibirsk region has told, how in region will pass the exam, and how will you spend your last call and the prom.The Ministry of health took the decision to stop vaccination in the national calendar of the duration of the outbreak.
a Siberian father’s funeral with the coronavirus, described in detail how sick his parents, to those who read this, do not repeat this path.
for more than 200 employees of the Novosibirsk medical facilities contracted the coronavirus.In Novosibirsk doctors paid 77 million rubles for the work with coronavirus patients.
We looked at how doctors across the country pay the Putin surcharges. Copayment very far before indicated.
Novosibirets told the NHS as quit a good job in St. Petersburg and returned to his hometown due to coronavirus crisis in order to start a career.
Vladimir Putin today held a meeting on coronavirus payments to doctors, families with children and business.
personnel Director of the company SGK told live on the page company in Instagram that several of their employees contracted the coronavirus. Later in the SGK told me what was infected with coronavirus Novosibirsk the workers.
Russia has filed the first criminal case due to coronavirus payments to doctors.

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