Two more deaths from coronavirus and new developments scientists: a chronicle of events for the day

Oberstab Novosibirsk region reported two new deaths from coronavirus. The number of deaths from the coronavirus in the VAT has reached 36 people.

According to the operational headquarters on the morning of 4 June, in the Novosibirsk region during the day, revealed 104 cases of infection COVID-19.

What else happened during the day?

recently the scientists of the Institute of Cytology and genetics SB RAS, spoke about new developments aimed at combating new infections. Accelerated work on an antiviral drug, which by happy coincidence, even before the pandemic has passed preclinical studies. The scientists also found that in the treatment kovida effective drug used in rheumatology. For testing new vaccines and drugs need laboratory mouse susceptible to kovido;
in the Novosibirsk region revealed 104 cases COVID-19. The total number of infected people is 3226;
coronavirus hurt small and medium businesses of Novosibirsk — at the time of a pandemic closed dozens of cafes, restaurants, beauty salons and shops. Analysts 2GIS specially designed for NGS compared how many Novosibirsk companies worked in February and in may;
the number of cases of coronavirus in Russia increased to 441 108 — in recent days, doctors confirmed 8831 new case;
in many medical institutions of Novosibirsk — a surge of patients who on their own initiative want to do a CT scan of the chest. With this examination can be most accurately diagnose pneumonia, which is now considered one of the signs of coronavirus. Journalist NGS Maria Tishchenko learned, how is this procedure (and even passed it myself) and found out where and how it can be done in Novosibirsk;
from June 1, families with children from 3 to 16 years began to receive a lump sum payment in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. And immediately discovered the problem, which disappeared in the wording of the law, because it could get parents who do not educate deTEI and generally no part in their lives do not accept. To correct this injustice has asked Vladimir Putin personally appeal to the President was sent by the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region Alexander Ivachev.