Two more deaths from coronavirus and new concessions the Governor: a chronicle of events for the day

health Minister Konstantin Halzov, speaking this morning, June 22, at the operative meeting the Governor Andrew Travnikova, reported fresh statistics for the coronavirus. Over the past day in the region died two people.

What else happened in the city during the day?

in the Spring of Novosibirsk several doctors went to Moscow — to help treat patients with coronavirus. In Novosibirsk at that time was only a handful of cases, and in the capital — an acute shortage of staff. The trip went and the nurse iskitimskiy hospital Irina ilinykh. A month later she worked in the intensive care unit in Covina hospital in Bronnitsy, Moscow region. A few days ago she came home and told me about how there nursed the sick, saying the doomed patients, and shared a life hack — what you need to do to glasses not fog up.
Konstantin Halzov announced a summary of the number infected and recovered in the past day. The diagnosis was confirmed yet 109 people.
the Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov told when the stores open with a separate entrance, the museums and the zoo.
Readers of NGS, as always, remained indifferent to the decisions of the government and new breaks. In half a day they left more than 400 comments. We chose the brightest opinions — we publish a selection.
the Number of cases of coronavirus in the Novosibirsk region confidently crossed over 5000. According to the operational headquarters on the morning of 22 June, the region was 5142 cases of infection with coronavirus infection. It means ill or sick approximately every 544 residents of Novosibirsk region (according to Rosstat, the region is home to 2 798 170). We counted how many beds for patients with coronavirus in the city and region and how they are loaded.