ARCHIV - 10.03.2022, Niedersachsen, Laatzen: Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine warten an einem überfüllten Bahnsteig auf die Weiterfahrt zum Hauptbahnhof. In der Unterbringung von Geflüchteten sieht Niedersachsens Innenminister Boris Pistorius (SPD) weiterhin große Herausforderungen. (zu dpa «Pistorius sieht Herausforderung bei Unterbringung von Geflüchteten») Foto: Ole Spata/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

In view of the high number of refugees from Ukraine and asylum seekers from other countries, according to a media report, twelve out of 16 federal states are currently blocking the admission of further people seeking protection. “Against the background of the high access numbers, twelve countries have currently activated a block in the initial distribution system,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior to the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND) on Saturday.

“The burden on the federal states results from the flight from Ukraine and general migration,” said the spokeswoman. “There is currently also an increase in findings on the Balkan route.”

Overall, the total number of people who have fled from Ukraine to Germany since the beginning of the war is over 980,000 – although recently an average of only 875 have been added per day, said the spokeswoman. The ministry knows that several federal states have expressed concern that they will soon reach their capacity limits.