09.07.2022, USA, Las Vegas: Der ehemalige US-Präsident Donald Trump betritt die Bühne während einer Veranstaltung mit dem Sheriff von Clark County und republikanischen Kandidat für das Amt des Gouverneurs von Nevada, und mit dem republikanischen Kandidaten für den Senat von Nevada. Foto: John Locher/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A new president will be elected in the USA in November 2024 – and Donald Trump is in the starting blocks to announce his candidacy. The Washington Post reports, citing advisors to the ex-president who wish to remain anonymous.

Accordingly, Trump could announce his candidacy as early as next September. But there is also speculation that the ex-president will announce his application even earlier.

Trump was actually advised by his advisors and supporters not to make his candidacy public before the US midterms. Otherwise, his application could harm the ambitions of Republican candidates and Trump could be held responsible for their poor performance.

The Midterms (German: half-time elections) take place in the middle of a four-year term of office of the incumbent US President and decide on the composition of the US Congress. Every two years, US voters re-elect one-third of the Senate senators and the entire House of Representatives.

“If Trump is running, the sooner he steps in and talks about winning the next election, the better,” Republican Senator Lindsey Graham was quoted as saying by the Washington Post.

According to the newspaper report, further indications that Donald Trump is likely to announce his candidacy in the not too distant future are discussions about the campaign manager. In addition, the former president is already meeting with donors, as a consultant revealed.