History 07/02/20 “Triadica” red Army: what German estates that they “hunted”

no war without the capture of trophies, and the Great Patriotic war was no exception. The Nazi occupation caused huge damage to the economy of the Soviet Union, so the collection of trophy property was partly compensate for the damage caused. To this end, in the red Army was formed special subdivision – trophy teams, brigades, battalions and companies.

the Organization captured units

the first stage of the war need to the trophy parts are almost not there, as the Red Army retreated. But after the defeat of the Nazis near Moscow the Russians conquered a large territory, which remained German property. In December 1941 the people’s Commissariat of defense noticed that the locals “to seamlessly take over this property”. Initially trophy team worked decentralized, and in 1943, when t-bills have appeared, the Central Commission for the collection of captured armament and property – it was headed by Marshal Budyonny. Challenge trophy brigades and battalions was the discovery of the property, its sorting, security and transport. For the storage of trophies have been redeveloped many logistical warehouses. Captured fuel, weapons and ammunition were used for the operational logistics of the red army.
In practice, a trophy the teams had to assemble on the battlefield not only trophies. Sometimes the staff used to bury victims of the red army, when the hands of the burial teams was not enough.
Special scope activity “trifasico” acquired after the Red Army went beyond the borders of the USSR. The headquarters of the fronts were created captured control, and the armies captured areas. The collected assets were subject to strict accounting.

Tanks and cars

was Paramount, the evacuation of military equipment. Trophy brigades were taken to the rear 34 of them.Chi German tanks and SPGs, as well as 72 thousand guns – this would be enough for the formation of tank 120 and 300 artillery divisions.
unlike tanks, cars Western production – “Opel”, “Ford”, “Volkswagen” — came not to be melted down and used for its intended purpose. For example, according to researcher Mikhail Sokolov, in the course of the Battle for Moscow red army soldiers seized more than 15 thousand trucks and passenger cars, as in Stalingrad – more than 80 thousand cars. The trophy cars he loved to ride Marshal Zhukov.


the Trophy brigade of the Gokhran, subordinated to the NKVD, opened safe Deposit boxes in busy European cities.
“All the captured banknotes in the form of foreign and Soviet currency, gold, platinum and silver in bullion and coins and other jewels, securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) are subject to immediate transfer to the field organs of the state Bank,” stated one of the items released in 1945, the order of people’s Commissariat of defense on the use of captured enemy “of economic property”.

the Art value

In response to the actions of the Germans, who took the exhibits of the Soviet museums such as the Amber room, the trophy brigade had to compensate for the loss of works of art belonging to the enemy. In developing the compensation plan in 1943 was attended by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Books, manuscripts and art collection of busy European cities “triadica” concentrated on the collection warehouses, after which they were examined by experts and art critics who have decided that must be removed, and what is not.
a Special “article” was captured films – for example, the spectators of the Soviet cinema have been eyeing a German film of 1944, “the Girl of my dreams.”

Providing reparations

On the occupied territory of East Germany captured the brigade also participated in the preservation of objects that were passed to the Soviet Union on account of reparations. This work continued after the signing of instrument of surrender of the GermanAI. For example, in Saxony the soldiers of the 10th separate brigade trophy, writes historian Andrew Senotrusov, helping to protect equipment joint stock company “Bismuth” — in the future it has played a huge role in the development of the Soviet nuclear program.

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