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read The clover fields road in Hanover is a narrow road on the edge of the Zooviertels. Here, many people commute by bike to homes along, to work in the morning and in the evening. One of them is LaSuze. So she calls herself on Twitter. Her real Name is known of the TIME, in the newspaper, he did not want to appear. LaSuze don’t want to be threatened with a Beat, like the time she stayed in the middle of the descent to the clover fields road from the wheel and stand.

The conversation LaSuze return again to this place that stands for everything that goes wrong in the German city. Again, it is with the wheel, a Matt black Bergamont with a chrome-plated bell on the Handlebars. She was then driven to the work, she says, as an orange pickup truck in the clover fields, road, bog, and directly approached. Both of them were slower. And because they did not fit on the narrow road past each other, they remained finally. Nose-to-nose. None of them stirred.

The truck did not want to put up to the intersection. LaSuze not want to lift your bike on the sidewalk. “After ten minutes,” she says, “I made a photo and tweeted it.” The reactions were fierce. It could only be for LaSuze or against you. “They think just because you are sitting in the car, you have more rights. I would have done the same,” wrote one. An opponent raged: “Many others would have beaten you long ago from the bike for so much stupidity.”

Soon raged, hundreds on Twitter, meanwhile, LaSuze and the truck and faced each other in silence – like two gunslingers in a Western. After 45 minutes, the thing decided.

Not only in Hanover, it is hot. Also in many other cities, the atmosphere is deteriorating. Where space, peace and tranquillity could be, there is a Close and riot. Each group makes the other as the culprit.

Da car drivers are denounced as the main culprit of climate change, the necessarily prohibited with driving or carbon taxes should be covered. Conversely, need to listen to cyclists, they considered traffic rules, at best, as a non-binding recommendation. The law of the public space is currently being renegotiated, and even with the fists.

In Oldenburg, a motorist blocked the bike path, a cyclist rewarming that he had become angry. The two of them were beating off the roadway, when someone called the police.

35 Euro must pay, who forbade his car in the Parking parks and other handicapped.

In Berlin, a cyclist riding on the footpath a 75-year-old pensioner on the heap, not jumped quickly enough aside. Then he kicked him against the head and fled.

In Augsburg, Germany, a pedestrian stopped a car on the road, kicked the door. As the driver opened the window, struck him, the Passer-by with the fist in the face.

This article dates back to the TIME no 20/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

All this happened within a few weeks. Similar cases documenting police reports anywhere in the country. Motorist hits a cyclist hits a pedestrian hits car. And if you can’t beat, then horns, cursing, and jostling you. Each against the other.

Eight out of ten Germans found out the Association road safety Council, to consider Aggression as a typical characteristic of street life. Anger and wrath belong to the urban image, like flowers in the spring. 53 percent of all respondents think that the Aggression has increased in the recent past. From road users to the car, idiots, fight, cyclists and mobile phone have become Zombies, the dwarf with the Display in front of eyes across the street. “Meat brake” is a cynical euphemism for anyone who is not motorized on the move.

The traffic psychologist Jens Schade, Dresden University of technology has Long been investigating the behavior of the mobile society. “Aggression on the road is also the result of a distribution struggle,” he says. Because most of the fighting out there, not to your right or a matter of principle – but of a scarce resource: space. Especially in large cities. It is the hardly-noticed, but a logical consequence of urban densification.