As a tourist in Greece on a three-day high-seas rondgedobberd in a boat. The woman in New Zealand went ashore for a spot of shopping. Then, when she was rowing toward the yacht, where she was living, she made an error in judgment. They drove for almost 100 miles.

Kushila Mine (45), both from New Zealand, it was Sunday afternoon, and the Greek coast guard have been found. The woman was sitting in a boat in the middle of the Aegean Sea, north of Crete. She had been on since Friday and is missing. When she was on the island of Folegrandos went ashore for a spot of shopping.

Stein was staying, along with a British man on a hunting trip. They sent him to the shop with a message that they are on the way back, but never got around to it. The Englishman was first, that they are simply on the land that remained, but when she’s sat night, still not back, and he beat the alarm.
Rescue mission

Then put the car in a large rescue operation on its feet. Seven patrol boats of the coast guard, several boats, a plane and a helicopter were searching for the woman. Take a boat from the coast guard found her in the middle of the sea, and brought them to the harbour of Heraklion, on the island of Crete.