(Mississauga) More than $20 million in gold and other high-value items have been stolen from Toronto’s Pearson Airport, Peel Regional Police said Thursday.

Duty Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn told the media that police were investigating the theft which took place early Monday evening, after a plane arriving at the airport was unloaded and its contents transported in a storage facility.

“Once the cargo was unloaded at a storage facility, after arrival, this high-value container was moved by illegal means,” Inspector Duivesteyn said.

“The container contained high value cargo. It contained gold, but not exclusively, and other items of monetary value.”

Peel Police Airport Division is investigating.

The police have a great working relationship with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who remain “on hand,” Duivesteyn said, but the investigation currently falls under the jurisdiction of Peel Police.

Authorities did not reveal any information about the potential suspects and would not say which airline shipped the cargo, where the gold was destined, or where the plane had come from.

Mr. Duivesteyn did not specify whether it was professional work.

“We are looking into all aspects of how this item was stolen, so I don’t have many details to provide on how it was stolen or any suspects,” he said. We are unable to provide details of this investigation because it is only day three.”

The “very rare” flight is considered an isolated incident, Duivesteyn added, adding that there were no concerns for travelers or public safety at the airport.