Top 5 traitors of the KGB, who caused the biggest harm of the USSR

Another 27/01/20 Dmitry Поляков5 the main traitors of the KGB, who caused the biggest harm of the USSR

the Biggest failures of Soviet intelligence occurred primarily because of the betrayal of the residents of the USSR abroad. The reasons which have pushed them for treason, was different – from fear for his life to selfish reasons.

the First major treason

the betrayal of the resident of the NKVD in Turkey Grigori Agabekov in 1930 turned into a complication of diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Iran – Agabekov gave hundreds of agents of Soviet intelligence operating in the middle East. The scout fled to France after receiving a call in the Soviet Union – his predecessor, Yakov blumkin, first called the Soviet Union, was accused of links with Leon Trotsky and shot. Agabekov was afraid that it will suffer the same fate.
As he wrote in his book chief specialist in secret operations of the NKVD Pavel Sudoplatov, Agabekov after infidelity collaborated with the intelligence services of several countries. 7 years later after the betrayal of the NKVD organized and carried out the removal of the deserter.

did Not wait for expulsion

According to the memoirs of KGB General Mikhail Dokuchaev, another feared for his life a Soviet spy-illegal immigrant, who inflicted great damage to the Soviet Union – Vladimir Petrov, who worked in the early 50-ies at the Australian exploration and issuing together with his wife, an employee of the Soviet Embassy, about 600 agents (including the legendary Kim Philby). As mentioned Dokuchaev in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, Petrova was going to fly to Moscow to be tried for treason, but he died before extradition. Also did not wait for a push in the USSR a traitor Oleg Lyalin, working for the British MI-6 (betrayed Western intelligence to more than 100 Soviet agents, illegal immigrants), he also died in the West soon after the exposure.

Dmitry Polyakov: “mole”, to indulge in a quarter of a century

the Veteran of Soviet foreign intelligenceKi, Lieutenant General Leonid Guliev in an interview with “Independent military review” said about the kind of damage inflicted on the GRU General Dmitriy Polyakov, who could not expose for 25 years. According to one version, explaining his betrayal, from Polyakov fell seriously ill son needed money for the operation (about $ 400). The results of this sum was refused, the baby died, and from that moment Dmitry Polyakov began to nurture thoughts of how to avenge the refusal.
the Poles from 1961 to 1986, passed the CIA information about several hundred people, including foreigners, who worked for Soviet intelligence and a huge number of secret documents. In mid-1986, the traitor was arrested, and after 2 years was shot. According to Leonid Guleva, in the history of the GRU it was the only betrayal of the scout-the illegal immigrant at this level. On the scale of malicious activity Dmitry Polyakov is evidenced by the fact that the pardon of a traitor before Mikhail Gorbachev petitioned the President of America Ronald Reagan.

Oleg Gordievsky: sentenced, but live

journalists of the British newspaper “the guardian” meeting with the traitor-defector Oleg Gordievsky, calling him “a shadow of my former self” (the former Soviet illegal who worked for the British intelligence service from 1974 to 1985, 80). British historians of the intelligence services referred to Gordievsky, the most senior Soviet defector who’s ever collaborated with the secret services of great Britain, he gave over 30 illegals operating abroad. In the USSR sentenced Gordievsky to death, but he managed to escape from the Soviet Union in a special operation of the British intelligence.
Gordievsky began working for British intelligence in 1974. From 1982 to 1985 he served at the Soviet Embassy in London, was a resident of Soviet foreign intelligence in the UK. After the betrayal, revelations and flight of the USSR Queen of great Britain, Gordievsky was awarded in 2007 with the order “For services to ensure the security of the UK”. Defector hinted to the guardian that in 2008 they tried to poison him, but the details are not reported.
Gordievsky, is an active anti-Russian stance and misses no opportunity to announce it. “The guardian”, he said that he knows exactly how many employees of the Russian intelligence service are currently working in the UK (“from sources in British intelligence”).

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