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History 18/02/20 5 main traitors of the great Patriotic

the History of wars along with examples of heroism contains the names of the traitors. Probably the most ancient known — Ephialtes, who spent the Persians a mountain path to the rear of the Spartan king Leonidas during the battle of Thermopylae. Today our story about traitors who sided with the Nazis in the Great Patriotic war.

General Vlasov

No one talking about the collaborators is not complete without the mention of this name. It became a household word in the war — Vlasov called the former Soviet citizens who joined the so-called Russian liberation army (ROA) and fought on Hitler’s side. The Germans did not trust neither men nor command, ROA, used its formation on secondary lines.

Modernity demonstrates the bizarre examples of Vlasov popularity in certain circles. So, in the middle of two-thousand two is not a measure of an enterprising businessman decided to create a… the House-Museum of Vlasov in the village of Lomakino, Nizhny Novgorod region — the good, the hut where he was born and grew up, survived. The public outrage put the idea of the cross.

In the period of 2016-2017 years the scientific community was shocked by the story of the doctoral thesis, which was nothing more than an attempt to rehabilitate General Vlasov. In the end, the Ministry of education and science deprived Kirill Alexandrov, who wrote a thesis, the title of doctor of Sciences.

Andrey Vlasov has never been a fighter against the Soviet regime — on the contrary, he carefully climbed up the ladder. In the Civil — fought for the Bolsheviks in 1922 on command and staff positions in the red army, teaches. In 1930 comes into the CPSU(b). According to the historian Wheeler, in 1937-1938 Vlasov was a member of the Tribunal of the Leningrad and Kiev military districts, not a single justifiable. Vlasov has successfully fulfilled the mission in China. To the beginning of the war has earned a reputation as a serious and successful military leader. Served as the personal orders of Stalin, becoming a sort of magic wand. Was awarded the highest military awards.

There is a major contribution of Vlasov in the defense of Moscow, said Georgy Zhukov. Headed by the 20th army stopped the advance of the Nazis, when Moscow was a little more than thirty miles.

When Vlasov was appointed to lead the 2 Shock army, there were no signs of disaster. Lucky Lieutenant General, Deputy commander of the Volkhov front zealously got down to business. In the end, the army destroyed, and Vlasov himself was captured.

Collaborating with the Nazis, participated in the creation of the armed forces, an administrative apparatus, a broad anti-Soviet coalition. Headed the Russian liberation movement, was Chairman of the Presidium of the Committee for the liberation of the peoples of Russia. The circumstances set out in the collection of documents “General Vlasov: a story of betrayal,” published in 2015. Vlasov agreed to cooperate with the Nazis, participating not only in campaigning, but also the creation of the armed forces, an administrative apparatus, a broad anti-Soviet coalition. Headed the Russian liberation movement, was Chairman of the Presidium of the Committee for the liberation of the peoples of Russia.

In his autobiography, 1940, Vlasov stated: “No hesitation had. Always stood firmly on the party line and always fought for her”.

an ardent admirer of socialism and follower of Stalin, Vlasov turned into an ardent anti-Bolshevik and supporter of the “free Russia” almost overnight. Vlasov remained faithful to the Third Reich in may 1945.

After the defeat of the Nazis tried to hide the location of the allies, but was captured after the trial and hanged in 1946 for treason. At the time of execution Vlasov was 45 years.

Victor Maltsev — Nazi Sokol

this character, who became chief of the “Russian air force” as part of the ROA, there is at least a formal reason to hate the Soviet authoritiesSt. In the years of the Yezhov Maltsev spent 1.5 years in the dungeons of the NKVD, where he was tortured as he claimed. After the exposure of the excesses of the people’s Commissar Yezhov Maltsev was released and made head of the sanatorium of “Aeroflot” in the Crimea. Before his arrest Maltsev led the aircraft of the Siberian military district. Was presented the order of Lenin, but the award has not received. The fate described by Maltsev Nikolay Konyaev in the book “General of the quagmire. The fate and history of Andrei Vlasov. Anatomy of betrayal.”

the Germans Maltsev came voluntarily — he was in Yalta commandant and said a fierce desire to fight the Bolsheviks. Defector made Russian mayor of Yalta, but the Colonel was eager to fight. He promoted the idea of creating the air force of the Soviet prisoners of war made the German officer Holterman. Went to camps, campaigned pilots and technical personnel. Knocked for his people the monthly allowance of 16 REICHSMARK.

the First connection was formed in October 1943, the fighting had been in the end of the same year. Flying “fighters with Stalin” at the German aircraft, studying not only the materiel of the Luftwaffe, but life in Germany as a model for the future structure of Russia. First, Maltsev acted regardless of Vlasov, but then his air units poured into ROA. In March 1945, Vlasov was awarded Maltsev rank of major-General. By this time, under the leadership Maltsev was 5000 people, 40 aircraft for various purposes, a battalion of Marines, company communications, anti-aircraft regiment. The swastika “falcons Maltsev” was not wearing, doing the Saltire and stripes ROA, but the shape was a German.

without waiting for the fall of Germany, Maltsev surrendered to the Americans on 30 April 1945, but, as a former Soviet citizen, issued in the USSR. Twice he tried to commit suicide, but was saved — he was needed for trial. The verdict was passed in August 1946 the death penalty. Maltsev never repented.

Kaminski — the head of the Republic Lokotskogo

Founder and leader of “Lokotskogo Republic” ArmorSlava Kaminsky was a Waffen-SS brigade führer and the wore a German uniform. And the “Republic” was officially called Lokotskogo Regional self-Government.

Kaminski was born in Vitebsk province on 16 June 1899 in the German-Polish family. Civilian volunteer of the red army, member of the CPSU (b). Advocated for the inclusion of Poland into the USSR in the form of special autonomy.

In 1937, Kaminsky, two years as expelled from the party, was arrested and convicted in the case chanovskiy counter-revolutionary groups. Time served in Siberia as a technologist “sharashka.” Collaborated with the NKVD. In 1941, released and sent into exile in the village of Elbow. Then he belonged to Orel, now — the Bryansk region.

as soon As the Germans in early October 1941, took the Elbow, Kaminski expressed his desire to cooperate. In addition to promotion in the administrative hierarchy, was engaged in military Affairs. In the fall of 1942, they formed the first brigade RONA (Russian liberation people’s army). Originally it was intended to counter the guerrillas and saboteurs of the NKVD in the jurisdiction of the Lokot autonomy. Kaminsky organized the destruction of resources that could be useful to the guerrillas. Documents have retained the data about the extermination of at least 5,000 head of cattle and theft in Germany 4000. Domestic animals and property of individuals suspected to be sympathetic to the guerrillas, were confiscated. Those whose relationship with the Soviet underground was considered as proved, was executed.

RON had acted so successfully that the Nazis expanded the range of its tasks, using parts as a Sonderkommando. In two areas for the years 1941-1943 RON killed more than 10 thousand people, of whom more than 200 were burned alive; burned 24 villages and 7300 collective households, destroyed 767 social and cultural institutions. Caused total damage in excess of 0.9 billion rubles. Later, RON has distinguished himself during the suppression of the Warsaw uprising. Writes Vasiliy Khristoforov, head of archives of the FSB, each fighter regiment after RON’s return surgery had 15-20 gold watches. Kaminski stuck up for his fighters before the German command. RON competed in the atrocities to the brigade Dirlewanger, comprised of criminals, maniacs and psychopaths.

In 1943, fleeing from the red army, 30 thousand people, led by Kaminsky went West with the Nazis. RON joined the SS in 1944. Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler met with Kaminsky at the end of July 1944, and awarded him the Iron cross, first class.

a Celebration of life did not last long: the Germans leaked the compromising that Kaminski — a longtime agent of the NKVD. His final łódź, was arrested and shot. As the operation cover covers the information that Kaminski eliminated the Polish partisans. At the Nuremberg trials, von dem Bach confirmed the shooting Kaminsky German martial law as looters . Heinz Guderian in his memoirs, attributes to himself the honor of deciding the fate of Kaminsky through a report to Hitler on the arts RON. The remains of the RONA in November 1944, he poured in ROA, although Vlasov protested, considering ranavav not ideological fighters, and mercenaries.

Vasyura — he destroyed the Khatyn

it is believed that the Belarusian village of Khatyn together with the residents was burned by the German soldiers, almost from the SS. This is not so. Khatyn — on account of the collaborators, commanded by Grigory Vasyura.

Before Hitler’s invasion Vasyura teacher, in the war — a signaller, was quickly captured. The question “to be or not to be” resolves uniquely, by going into the service of the Nazis. Quickly made a career in the Punisher, performing the tasks of the fight against partisans in Belarus, not forgetting to execute and plunder the inhabitants.

he Took part in the liquidation of Katyn. Subordinates Vasyura herded the inhabitants into a barn and set on fire. Vibhagasah of fire Vasyura mowed down with machine gun fire. This was at the trial of Vasyura in the eighties, told by the surviving Khatyn residents and 26 witnesses, the former executioners in the war. For his crimes he served time at camp and found the place in peace Soviet life, vyhlopov in 1984 the title of “Veteran of labour”. This was not enough, and Vasyura decided to get the order of the great Patriotic war. The Punisher did not consider that the authorities will be combing through the biography, carefully checking and rechecking the facts. Established his guilt in the burning of Khatyn, by the time the Union became a symbol of the tragedy of the Belarusian people. The Tribunal in 1986 Vasyura sentenced to death. In March 2018 came out of the Russian-Belarusian collection of documents “the Murderers of Katyn: the 118th Ukrainian security police battalion in Belarus. 1943-1944”.

Boris Holmston-Smyslovskiy: met death in bed

Few of the accomplices of the Nazis died a natural death. Holmston–Smyslovskiy succeeded. He helped to form the units of Soviet prisoners of war and inhabitants of occupied territories, that served the Germans until the major–General. Commanded their own military forces, independent from Vlasov. After the defeat of the Third Reich made a strategically right move, fleeing into the territory of neutral Liechtenstein. Small but proud European country was not given Boris Holmston-Smyslovskiy of the USSR. During the cold war, ex-accomplice of the Nazis worked on the intelligence of Germany and the United States.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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