Bildnummer: 54952933 Datum: 26.08.2010 Copyright: imago/Daniel Schvarcz LEONI Kabel GmbH, Kupferkabel Roth Bayern Deutschland Objekte kbdig xsk 2010 hoch Aufmacher Elektrotechnik Farbbild High Tech Hochformat Hochformat, Vertikal Horizontal Innenaufnahme Kabel Kupfer LEONI Kabel GmbH Litzen Nahaufnahme Studioaufnahme Bildnummer 54952933 Date 26 08 2010 Copyright Imago Daniel Schvarcz Leoni Cable GmbH Copper cable Roth Bavaria Germany Objects Kbdig xSK 2010 vertical Highlight Electrical engineering Color image High Tech Portrait Portrait vertically horizontally Interior shot Cable Copper Leoni Cable GmbH Strands Close-up Studio shooting

Professional non-ferrous metal thieves stole almost eight tons of copper cable from Deutsche Bahn in the Rostock region and wanted to make money in Berlin. As a spokesman for the federal police said on Wednesday, the cables stolen in Rostock over the weekend turned up at a scrap dealer in Berlin on Monday. A witness observed how a man unloaded the load with three drums with copper cable and other pieces of cable there.

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When the alarmed Berlin police checked, the scrap dealer said that the supplier wanted to sell the material to the scrap dealer. For this purpose, he presented a copy of an identity document. However, the operator of the scrap trade refused and asked for an original ID card. The “unloader” then drove off, but did not come back.