Flughafen Tegel Berlin, 01.04.2022 - Blick auf den ehemaligen Flughafen Berlin Tegel.2020 wurde der Betrieb des Flughafens eingestellt. Der Flughafen wurde waehrend der Covid19 Pandemie als Impfzentrum benutzt. Aktuell dienst er als Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung für Fluechtlinge aus der Ukraine. Berlin Berlin Deutschland *** Tegel Airport Berlin, 01 04 2022 View of the former Berlin Tegel Airport In 2020, the airport ceased operations The airport was used as a vaccination center during the Covid19 pandemic Currently, it serves as a first reception center for refugees from Ukraine Berlin Berlin Germany

Tons of grenades from the imperial era have been discovered on the site of the former Berlin airport in Tegel. 28474314, as Tegel Projekt GmbH announced on Friday.

The police immediately took the heavy projectiles to a detonation site in Grunewald to be defused there.

“In all likelihood, the grenades are not war munitions,” said Alexander Döring, the site manager for explosive ordnance clearance.

Accordingly, they are rather test objects of the Prussian army. The find is unique for him on this scale.

Bombs or other explosive devices are repeatedly discovered in Berlin.

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