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for the fourth time on the radio “Gorodskaya volna” is a creative contest-festival “the Star names of Novosibirsk”. Every year opens up new talent, dozens of creative people and teams become known throughout the entire city.

From 23 to 26 June at the “Urban wave” 101.4 FM we remembered, how was the competition in previous years. Dmitry Hammer and Vadim Belinskiy learned from finalists of years past, has anything changed after participation in “Star names Novosibirsk”, and recalled how there was a major gala concert on the main area of the city.

Ivan Knol’, the winner of 2019, shared with the leading sensations from the last festival: “the Competition gave me the opportunity to step out of the comfort zone, to act, to Express themselves. Remember standing on the stage: give it all you have, you see people’s eyes and not think about what would forget my lines. I wish all of you perseverance, patience and victories!”