The Style For a lot of students, it is provided that: – they are going to finally be on the side. But how you can turn your small space into a cozy abode? And it’s a good idea to have grandma’s attic to the plunder of furniture? We have asked the council to interieurstyliste, Anne-Catherine Gerets.

For a lot of young people, it is an exciting time has arrived. They are going to, for the first time to study at a college or university. Some of them trade their family home, in a dorm room. And that means it’s time to get with a mattress and a cupboard below, and think about a comfortable home interior. They can give you some advice? Anne-Catherine Gerets – known in the interieurblog Clo Clo – is < / i> to the rescue , with eight helpful tips for you.

Tip # 1: Have bombastic pieces of furniture left standing

“on average, students ‘ rooms are not very big. Therefore, invest in the best-of fine, modern furniture. Huge sofas, tables or cabinets to show you the room, after all, seem smaller,” says Anne-Catherine. Does your grandmother still has a giant of a slot in the attic stand for? Then it will let you, so it is better to stand.

Tip 2: if you Create the angles

‘ Or your room is large or small it is: then, the area can be classified into different zones. Provide a place to sleep, to study, to eat, to relax and unwind. You can have those nooks and crannies, even to visually separate from each other. Think of it as a rack or screen, connected as a room divider, or to hang in an airy curtains from the ceiling. You can even have a rug under your sofa and coffee table to make it clear that the place for you to chill-out corner is.”

Tip 3: Work with the paint you use

‘, If you will, all the walls in white paint, it seems that the space is bigger, say the people, once in a while. But is it true? “Basically,” says Anne-Catherine. “The walls can take a break for less with an eye to making your dorm room might be more spacious looks. However, a white wall, creates certain mood and atmosphere. It’s not really necessary to have all of the walls to provide a splash of colour, but you can make one wall, paint is a flat color application. That refreshes your room right away, and you get a flat and even use it to get to the various zones to be established. Imagine that your desk is in a corner, in that corner, with a powder pink rectangle and paint it.”

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Tip 4: Use multi-functional furniture, use

from A desk, which doubles as a dining table or a living room, you can also be used as a sofa, why not? “It’s not because of your room is somewhat small, you’re always with your friends at the pub should be run. You will want to also invite all of your friends in your own home? Multi-purpose pieces of furniture, and a touch of originality to come in handy. Cover your bed, for instance, a large rug, so that your front is completely blocked. Put five pillows in order to create the illusion of an office is to be created. Your office can also be used as a dining room table, as long as you have all of the studeerspullen away, and the table is clean in this case. Or buy a stool where you can lock away any valuables, but you can make it.”

Tip 5: Spice up your room with plants

The modern young person makes from their homes, an urban jungle with lots of plants. Ideal for the perfect Instagramfoto, and to make your room better to make it. “Do you have any doubt or you have a plan in life, you will be able to keep up? You need to choose a plant which you’ll be able to take care of, such as a cactus or a palm tree.”