Ostend, It was hot and we had been burgled at the end of the armoedeorganisatie Colsol in the Hangar (I) The organization shall communicate the distribution of food packages to those in need. Two of these were completely empty. Monday is once again around the 70’s, many families of the door, to the groceries to pick up. “All the meat is gone and the other half of the sandwich. Where are we going? They only need to ask a question and get them to do it.”

Volunteers of Colsol asked one Sunday morning a break-in in their shop. Six weeks ago, it was already broken, but it was not much taken into account. That was quite different. “They have a lot of food. I was out on Saturday, but to the Cottage, and we had quite a bit of cheese and ham to share. All of it is gone. We had a lot of sandwiches in the Delhaize, and this is about half taken into account. A total of 22 of these are completely empty and the other one is also gone,” says Dominique Degraeve from Colsol.