Three people died in bathing accidents in Brandenburg on the Pentecost weekend. As a spokesman for the DLRG Brandenburg announced, the fatal accidents occurred in Brandenburg an der Havel, Zossen and Lychen. In Berlin, a canoeist was saved from drowning.

When trying to free a stuck sailing boat, a man died on Saturday at Mörserschen See near Brandenburg an der Havel. He was nearby with his boat and jumped into the water to help the one who ran aground. Meanwhile, his own boat drifted away. The man then swam after his boat. He suffered a “medical emergency,” as it was called. He could only be rescued dead from the water.

In Zossen in the district of Teltow-Fläming, an 18-year-old man jumped off a 30-centimetre-high platform at the Kallinchen lido on Pentecost Sunday and then did not reappear. A diver was able to rescue the 18-year-old lifeless from the water. Despite attempts by rescue workers to revive him, the young man died at the scene of the accident.

A 66-year-old man died in Lychen am Zenssee in Uckermark when he tried to swim to the opposite bank. According to reports from relatives, the man went under halfway and has been missing ever since. Water rescue divers recovered the lifeless body on Monday afternoon.

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In Berlin, a canoeist was saved from drowning by lifeguards on the Berlin Stoessensee. The approximately 35-year-old woman overturned her canoe on Sunday afternoon. She got under the canoe. Lifeguards were able to free the woman from her emergency situation. The canoeist was then taken to safety. She was in shock and suffering from shortness of breath.