01.08.2022, Österreich, Wien: Eine große Menschenmenge nimmt an der Gedenkveranstaltung der Initiative #YesWeCare im Andenken an die oberösterreichische Ärztin Lisa-Maria Kellermayr Stephansplatz teil. Der Tod von Lisa-Maria Kellermayr, die zuletzt wegen Morddrohungen aus der Szene der Impfgegner ihre Praxis geschlossen hat, hat tiefe Betroffenheit ausgelöst. Foto: Georg Hochmuth/APA/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A few days after the suicide of doctor Lisa-Maria Kellermayr in Austria, who was threatened by opponents of corona measures, thousands thought of the doctor. In Vienna, numerous people came to St. Stephen’s Cathedral on Monday evening, lit candles or lit their mobile phones. The church bells also rang.

According to her own statements, the doctor had been under massive pressure from corona vaccination opponents for months. On Friday she was found dead in her practice in Upper Austria.

The public prosecutor’s office in Wels confirmed a suicide. An autopsy was not ordered. According to the public prosecutor’s office, farewell letters were found, the content of which they did not want to say anything about.

A few weeks ago, Kellermayr closed her practice. She did not feel sufficiently protected by the police and authorities and, according to her own statements, spent around 100,000 euros on protective measures.

Meanwhile, the Upper Austrian Medical Association said that Kellermayr had been offered all the help they could. A plan was only recently discussed as to how the continued existence of the practice could be secured.