Picturesque garden views With more than 25 years on the clock, may, Thomas, Van der Flaas is the youngest chef in this year’s edition of the Young Keukengeweld name a few. A restaurant of Seir in Kasterlee is a one year old. In October he was in a suit, customers between the ages of 18 and 30 are welcome, as they will eat, thanks to the Young Keukengeweld at a very reasonable price. “In costume, you are going to eat? Sneakers and jeans are good enough.”

Among the 64 young chefs in Flanders, which have been selected for the Young Keukengeweld, has, Thomas, Van der Flaas, as the youngest, with a restaurant of Seir in the picturesque garden views. Young Keukengeweld young people between 18 and 30 years, enjoy the gourmet cuisine at an affordable price, but also the heads of talented Young Keukengeweld a lot of advantages.

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“This will give a boost to your business,” says Thomas Van der Flaas. “For us, it’s a lot of fun because there are so many people, all over the floor. As a supervisor, you will also get a lot of opportunities for you if you are selected for a Young Keukengeweld. So, you can take part in internships and a range of gourmet events and meetings held by various chefs and exchange ideas.”

an Anonymous jury

a graduate of the hotel school in Koksijde at the belgian coast at least), and have experience in several michelin-starred restaurants, it is Thomas, not the least of these. He was working in the previous year in The Fleur de Sel, the restaurant’s chef, Alex Verhoeven, who also on several occasions been selected for the Young Keukengeweld.

As Alex suggested, along with Thomas for a restaurant to open up in a picturesque garden views, he has not been questioned. “I’m still very young, so that step is complete just have to put in, I have not.”, “says the young chef. “But I’m in this restaurant, along with Alex’s run is a wonderful thing, and to take that out!”

from Last year, trying, Thomas, also writing for the Young Keukengeweld, but as it was, Seir also, unfortunately, not possible. “We had only two weeks to open up, so it was, in fact, that should come as no surprise. This year, we were lucky: after an anonymous member of the jury of the Young Keukengeweld for us to get food, we were pleasantly surprised that we were selected!”

you can wear Jeans and tennis shoes

As a Young Keukengeweld will Thomas, especially, to pass on to young customers, that is a gourmet experience all the way, not such a great leap forward in what we do. “At a chic restaurant, it is no longer as in the past, with the suit on, and shut up, and pinky up. If you’re in a pair of jeans and sneakers to dinner, don’t hesitate! Everyone can be himself or herself. I’m hoping to achieve is that young people are even able to taste refined dishes and new flavors to give a relaxed atmosphere. Young people would possibly not be in a hurry to have a restaurant like this in steps, but if you count in a restaurant with the cost, you’ll also find a nice amount of money. This will give you a three-course meal, with high-quality products. I think it’s important to share this information with my peers of the same age that you are at a restaurant with a 13.5/20 in the Gault&Millau, is also casual, you can eat with us.”