She is a teacher and author from Berlin-Gatow. Here Jenny Grethen from Berlin talks about her passion, book tips and wishes for the start of school at the Berlin-Spandau town hall. She writes her books under the name Jen Rivers. As always, the questionnaire first appeared in the Tagesspiegel district newsletter for Berlin-Spandau. The full length is now available free of charge at

Ms. Jenny Grethen, you are a teacher in Berlin-Spandau and have written a book. It says? “The book is called ‘Close to you – Almost perfect’ and was published by DP Verlag, i.e. digital publishers, as a print and e-book. It’s a new adult gay romance. The Kladow bookstore should have one or two copies in stock – either way, it can be ordered in all bookstores!”

For us short

Is this your first book? “Close to you is my first book, but it won’t be my last. Actually, I’ve always been a disc. Even as a child I wrote detective stories, when I was a teenager it was more like romance novels. However, with ‘Close to you’ I ended my first novel. The idea came up one day – and with the support of my husband and friends, I was able to make it happen.”

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In everyday life you are a teacher in Gatow. What do you teach? “I am a class teacher for a 6th grade and I teach German, math and social sciences. But I also like to be on the road in the subjects science and art. What do I particularly appreciate there? The work with the children. We laugh a lot in our classroom. Of course, the beautiful surroundings in Gatow and the great schoolyard do the rest to make you feel good.”

Were you born in Gatow? “I was born in Braunschweig, but I moved to Kladow when I was a child. From here I didn’t move anymore. I went to elementary school at Ritterfeld and after sixth grade I went to the Hans Carossa Gymnasium, where I later met my husband.”

Have you had a spot in Spandau that is particularly close to your heart since childhood? “Of course, the Groß Glienicker See is simply beautiful, as is the Imchenallee. In fact, I have been drawn to the Kladow bookstore since my childhood. I love this place.”

The town hall reads along: 3 things that belong on the agenda after the holidays? “At the beginning of the school year, I especially care about those starting school who are trying to master their way to school. Here I would wish that they would be given much more support. I also hope that everything will be done in good time to avoid corona-related class failures in autumn/winter. I would also like a sensible solution to get the chaos on the waterfront under control. Preferably completely car-free on warm days.”

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For the last week of vacation: A little excursion tip for parents with kids in Spandau? “As an excursion tip with children, I always recommend a trip to the forest. But the citadel is also simply unique and especially exciting for children.”

And, of course!, your book recommendation? Next holidays are coming… but don’t name your book! “My all round book recommendation for young and old is always Harry Potter, as well as the Gems trilogy. Otherwise, I can highly recommend the ‘Kiss Me’ series by Stella Tack. Charlotte Habersack’s ‘Please do not open’ series is just great for children.”

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