Yuliya Hlynina and Alexander Petrov has published a bonus music video, not included in the final version of the film “Ice 2”.

In the colourful video to the song “Circling” (author MONATIK) heroine of Hlynina – Margarita – trying to seduce hockey player Sasha Gorin. Yuliya Hlynina she played the song and admitted in Instagram that this is her first clip and she is thinking about a solo career.

“Time circling to burn in the spotlights and to drive you crazy,” wrote Julia, presenting subscribers with “exclusive footage, prepared as a bonus to the film.”

to See this publish to Instagram

Want the Ice 3?!)) time to circle to burn in the spotlights and to drive you crazy 💦 exclusive frames that we have prepared as a bonus to the film!! You have holiday weekends to go on “Лед2” !!! Do it! We are sure you will like it. 💦 I present my first video. after this, I’m planning to start a solo career )) 😅 thanks the Director jort Krizovnicka @verybestday Sasha Petrov @actorsashapetrov )) is love! Write your comments !🔝

Publish from Julia Hlynina / Julia Khlynina (@yulia_hlynina) 21 Feb 2020 1:19 PST

“you Have holiday weekends to go on “Лед2″!!! Do it!”, — urged his fans Yuliya Hlynina.

“It’s love!” she wrote, especially thanking Alexander Petrov and Creator of the film, Zhora Gooseberry. “Julia – Bravo!” – responded to the song Alexander Petrov in his Instagram.

Philhim “Ice 2” came out in wide release on February 14 and immediately won the hearts of Russians. This is evidenced by the numbers: charges tape in the Russian box office, according to the UAIS, approaching one billion rubles (currently more than 907 million).

the Film was produced with the participation of TV channel “Russia 1”. In creating the sequel was again attended by Mikhail Vrubel, Alexander Andryushchenko, Fedor Bondarchuk and Dmitry rudovsky, Anton Zlatopolsky and Vyacheslav Murugov. The screenwriter was Andrew Zolotarev.