Family, you’re eighteen, the world is wide open for you… and yet, there is a first-year student, which is exactly the same if one of their parents. The son of a lawyer who has rights to go to college, is the daughter of a teacher, who is also the education you want. Copy-and-paste, the generation of the round. Or maybe not at all? “We are, perhaps, following in the footsteps of our parents, but it is completely our choice, or so they say. “It is certainly the intention, later, their own trace of having been there.” William (19), from Antwerp to Go to law school,just like his father, a well-known strafpleiter Johan Platteau, “On my sixth one I was talking me out of tricky situations

His father is one of the most well-known strafpleiters, and his mother is a magistrate of the Court of Appeal in Antwerp: William Platteau (19), and it has the biggest names, tutoring, in-house, as he was at the UNIVERSITY of law school begins.

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He was in the field of economics in the secondary, but William Platteau, grew up between the books and the rights as of next week. “I have had some of these in the direction of the broad of education. The master’s degree, I spent a lot of sides. However, if you ask me today where I see myself in ten or twenty years: anyway as a profession, and, in particular, the criminal code, such as ” my father.”

William has a passion for that branch of the law, in the world of cameras. “I saw the clients in my father’s office, came out, I was talking with a student, and was also often used for court proceedings. Then, I got a 12-year-old will first take a guided tour of my father in the vast, Brussels court of appeal, and subsequently I went on to the publieksbanken to listen to his call for a drugszaak or assisenproces. I knew how he would respond, most of the time, he told us in advance about the table.” (she laughs)


William saw not only the passion and the enthusiasm of his father, and taught also in the lower side of the profession there knowing. “After a process, such as that of the kasteelmoord (which Johan Platteau, the defense of the Gyselbrecht took over-ed) my father is completely exhausted and will need a few days to recover. He has given me, also warned: “I would love to have that to you later on the legal effect, as it is the most beautiful profession in the world, you can use it to help people, and you can also show off your talent with words, to play the full, in full. But let’s be honest: there are a lot of strafpleiters, it’s going to be difficult to make. This is only possible if you get too close to the work. It will be a tough time.'”

It’s a talent with words, a Guido though. “As long as I know they will call me” a born advocate. In the debates on the playground I was able to typically the bed sheet for me, too. I was at school, certainly not the best student, but I didn’t, fortunately, always get out of tricky situations and talk. I remember when I still remember an incident from first grade, when I was six. We were on a nature camp, and together with a friend, I was on the edge of the domain and try that. We were hopelessly lost, and as it was the last day of the tour was the bus ride home, even with or without us. When we have a lot of hours, later, found, were, had, we, of course, a more serious punishment. However, once I have the whole story told about our berenjacht and some sympathy was excited, we finally have an extra glass of chocolate milk. The stouteriken were adventurers by my argument.” (she laughs)

On tv

Johan Platteau, it is not just one of the many strafpleiters in the country, and he belongs to a select group of attorneys who are regularly in the media. Would Guido, in the tv and in the newspapers? “You work in the media: that is, it is still a dream for everyone? However, my main motivation to go to law school and the job itself. And I have big shoes to fill, don, well, everyone else zégt me. But I’ll still do my own thing, you know. The bar is usually for me to put on, I put it yourself, it isn’t.”

She Umans (18) Oud-Heverlee:Is medicine to study, and just alshaar, both parents are “People” really are: that’s what I want too”