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August 15, 1990 was not the brightest star of Russian rock – Viktor Tsoi. It is rightfully called a legend despite the fact that he died very young (aged 28 years), Choi left behind a song that I admire almost 30 years after his death. The official cause of death of the legendary musician is an accident, but to this day there are new views and versions that contradict what the singer just fell asleep at the wheel and faced with going towards “Ikarus”.

the Departure of such iconic figures of Russian rock, Viktor Tsoi, could not acquire numerous myths and legends. In particular, the majority of his fans refused to believe that the death of their idol – absurd tragic accident, so I prefer to believe even in the version of the murder. This can be explained by the fact that the person easier to consider someone to blame than to accept the inexorability of a case. Many fans have long been convinced that the ill-fated crash – carefully planned crime.
This version of events was also considered quite close to the ability of people. For example, Dmitry Levkovsky, the administrator of the group “Games” and “people’s militia”, notes: “…maybe I’m paranoid, but I’m still sure it was well-prepared murder… Too serious authority for youth became Choi, and if released the “Black album”, then at least lead the revolution”.
it is Noteworthy that the version of the accident denies independent technical expert Yury Antipov. He argues that all existing photos of the famous “Moskvich” Tsoi are fake, as those pictures that you can find on the Internet, a registration number is not the same as real. In addition, the expert notes: “this car is clearly something tabout fell. We see a sagging in the Central part of the cabin, but the front part of the whole. The car Tsoi damage must be completely different”. After analyzing all the possible circumstances of the incident, Yuri Antipov came to the conclusion that the car Tsoi was stopped long before the advent of the bus and the singer was led into a failed state, then tolkali the car to turn, wait for “Icarus” and sent her to meet him by faking an accident.
However, the friends and relatives of Choi believe that the musician was not obvious enemies and detractors, capable of such a thing, and the songs “Cinema” does not have the same political and social commentary, which was assigned to them after the death of the leader of the group.

Close to the ability of people, even excluding the version of the murder still can not believe that he could fall asleep at the wheel. Director of group “Cinema” Yuri Velichkin said: “I still can’t imagine that Choi fell asleep at the wheel. There is clearly something wrong! Left a permanent resentment and surprise that the result was simply overwhelmed”.
the fact that for many years it was believed that investigation had proven that the musician fell asleep during the ride. For example, in one article of the newspaper “Arguments and Facts” the author writes: “… the analysis of the cells of the brain suggests that Viktor Tsoi fell asleep, probably from exhaustion…”. In fact, in the district of Tukums, where the accident occurred, at that time certainly not existed necessary for such research equipment. It was not until a blood test Tsoi and driver “Ikarus” for the presence of alcohol: in both cases it has not been identified.
Probably the version that the singer fell asleep at the wheel, was nominated by Erica the Ashmanov, the investigator on the case of his death. She noted the following: “In my subjective opinion, Choi fell asleep at the wheel. Weather contributed. He returned to forest lake, where from six in the morning we went fishing”. This explanation seemed plausible and most of the native Tsoi, although still unknown, he fell asleep or was just thinking on the road. We can say only that he was sober, contrary to popular opinion on the state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication at the moment of death.

the Tragic death of an idol leads many fans to the idea that he could commit suicide in such an amazing way. As strange as it may sound, but this version seems fans of the most beautiful and logical: the author is often Moody and melancholy songs of tired from everything and died. Proponents of this view argue it is the latter texts Tsoi, which sometimes can be seen longing and loneliness. But we must admit that these topics were inherent in the work “Movies” long before the death of their frontman.
in addition, it is noteworthy that this version is discussed mostly by fans, but not his loved ones, who know better about his state of mind last time and completely exclude the presence of Choi suicidal thoughts. On the contrary, family and friends say that the singer in his last summer was full of energy, enjoyed life and shared with them ambitious plans for the future. It is impossible to know for sure that he would have more to do. But it’s safe to say that he was able to do almost the impossible – to leave his fans feeling that “Tsoi is alive!”.

Lilit Sargsyan

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