Do you know the garden city of Staaken? A fascinating spot deep in West Berlin. And Werner Finkelmann wrote to us from there and tells us about a big anniversary. “This year the Church of Ev. Staaken-Gartenstadt parish celebrates its 100th birthday,” he says and shows the picture at the top. The Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel has now reported on this.

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The beginning was difficult, says the pointed church website At the time of construction it says: “The resistance from church building opponents, which went beyond a verbal exchange of blows and even became violent, was great. So the foundation was submerged without further ado.” But in the end the house stood anyway.

Today it stands in the yard of the small village school, which bears the name “Zeppelin Elementary School”. And the legend of the name goes like this: In 1928, the huge airship “Graf Zeppelin” passed over the school from the nearby Zeppelin shipyard. It was from him in 1957 that the school received its name, which is still used today. The highlight: there is a Zeppelin work of art in the schoolyard.

Last winter I photographed the church for the Spandau newsletter – you can see the picture below. And please consider the snow as a free refreshment in midsummer.

“Built from the stones and beams of a powder shed, which the pastor at the time, Eduard Lindenmeyer, bought for reasons of cost and lack of building materials. In a very short time – six months – the church was completed and inaugurated in November 1922.” The laying of the foundation stone was on June 2, 1922.

“There will be a few more events in the anniversary year before the festive service on November 27,” says Werner Finkelmann. By the way, this is the 1st Advent, so make a note of it. Bishop Christian Stäblein will hold the anniversary sermon.

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