Does this ever end? First Corona, then the oven broke – and now there is also a huge construction site for the S-Bahn in front of the door, which will last for years. A traditional Berlin bakery is struggling to survive at the Botanischer Garten S-Bahn station. The bakery has been around in the bourgeois south-west since around 1940. The boss started here as an apprentice in 1976 and bought it from the son of his former master four years ago. The whole family is in the shop, his wife is at the counter, the son is also a confectioner. But now it’s getting harder than ever. The good thing: the neighborhood really wants to help their baker. There are solidarity actions, even cultural events. You can read the whole story from Antje Scherer in the Tagesspiegel newsletter for Steglitz-Zehlendorf, as always on Thursdays – and now for free at

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