Multimedia You touch it just a little deeper in your pockets for a pair of headphones with a wire, but it is True Wireless earphones (wireless) but is a huge rage now. This is because they are, for their price, a lot of audio innovations and smart functions. Sony’s SHOW-1000XM3 (€ 249)

Sony has, for the past few years working on, what products are concerned. The brand has continued the same further metdeze set of wireless oordopjesdie flawless the audio in your ears, blowing a deep but not dominating bass, and a good balance between the treble and bass. In addition, they are “noise canceling” means a specially designed built-in chip of the sounds around you, so that you only have to hear music. Audiofreaks may be the app to use to get the sound to your liking from time to time. Even those who are long-pendelritten to the bow of the ship could safely leave the battery in the headphones themselves, hold it for six hours on a charge, and the one that is in the deluxe storage box is it doesn’t even look eighteen hours.Here you can watch the new Sony SHOW-1000XM3.

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