Multimedia It’s been a little while since < / i> be the next big thing. was announced, folding of the phones. In the meantime, appears in the first-ever – after repeated delays – was on the market for its features and expert Tweakers editor-in-chief Arnoud Wokke, take a look at the raison d’etre of the folding phone.

“the Hundreds of phones I have in my hands to review for the Tweakers. In a way, I know I have a small space,” explains Wokke out. “With the first Galaxy S came to the scratch to sit down because he was in a pocket, handed it with an iPhone 4, which has a metal side. The LG G2 is dropped to a nearly two-metre-high cabinet; he survived without a scratch. HTC U11 fell out of the car and onto the street. Have a Motorola Defy and survive the reviewperiode, but it was to bestow the right of the goal.”

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‘ But I’m never afraid to make a phone part as well as the Galaxy Fold. And it’s not in the least because of Samsung’s warnings in the box. There is not the screen with the finger nails. Don’t push too hard. Watch out for the keys. He really can’t get at the water. Thus, there is a whole series of warnings, before you take the phone out of the box, you can grab it. In addition, I know how easy it is to, he can. I’ve seen the teardowns are viewed, videos viewed, articles and reading about the fragility of this thing. Oh, and I don’t know how expensive it is, and more than two thousand euros. Then you can check out what you’re doing.”

the Glass

“mobile Phones are in the year of 2019, almost all of the glass and pretty much everyone else is doing, there is a case around it, but they do not require as much caution, if, to the Fold. It is really up to with this device?”, follow the expert. “No, no, the vulnerability of the folding screens, is one of the fundamental problems of the Fold. That’s too bad, because the phones with foldable screens are by far the most awesome update in smartphoneland during the last ten years. The Fold and called out to me, and many others, have a curiosity and wonder that I have been, since the time of the first iPhone, T-Mobile G1 and the HTC HD2 will not have seen before. You may have a doubt as to the usefulness, you may think that it is not carried out, but virtually no one doubts the potential of this technique is to get a new phone for the future, one of which is the size of the unit, there is no longer have to dictate how large the screen is.”