The allocation of work overheidsvehikel Nethys, which is part of the old Publifin is still in the schandaalsfeer hang out and heated up the discussions in the newly initiated regional government. Opposition party, the LABOUR party wants to sell it, He windenergiebedrijf Elicio, by Nethys, including the chief executive officer of Nethys himself, to prevent. The company is not worth anything, it would have been like Nethys’s claims that it is a “smoke screen”, according to the French company. “Elicio is a goose that lays golden eggs.”

Nethys would Elicio, formerly part of the now defunct Belgian company Electrawinds, for one symbolic euro, will sell to the Ardentia Technology. Ardentia is a means by François Fornieri, ceo at the pharmaceutical company Mithra, and a New series of poker main event, ex-P.S.’there, whether by coincidence or not, also the chief executive officer of Nethys. After the restructuring, with Nethys is complete, you will series of poker main event if you want, and in the Ardentia to start.

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According to its critics, it is Elicio, however, is much more important than the symbolic one euro plus the assumption of debt, which Ardentia wants to give up. The company, according to Nethys’s a financial solution, but for the offshorewindparken in the portefueille – Rentel, Norther and Seamade on full blast, can turn, there is, according to the experts, however, view a huge win.

So do you think the LABOUR party. The French government called Elicio “the real goose that lays the golden eggs”. “This is a real gem. You do not need to be sold to the next person, but in the hands of the public sector, and it can be integrated into an overall project to make the transition and to realize the financial repercussions to the people,” says Damien, Robert, LABOUR party, board member at the Check in, the financial holding company on top Nethys.


According to Robert Fornieri, and series of poker main event, a “smoke screen” created by Elicio and if a company is in serious financial, and then have a real “hold-up” to be able to commit and what to buy for a symbolic one euro.

be The issue, provides fresh, Walloon minister-president Elio Di Rupo (PS) and its coalition partners have Ecological, and MR. at the beginning of the term of office are serious problems. Earlier it became known that Nethys is also in the Walloon company For it and network supplier to Win the hand over, in each case without the board of directors of the parent company’s Check-in counters. Check the name of Publifin, the Liege inter-municipal the former regional government did capsize.